Sweeties: Easy Vegan Love


It’s not every day you walk into a store like Target and see a display of non-GMO, vegan, made-in-the-USA chocolates, all wrapped up in a cute Valentine’s Day box. But we did. Here in Maryland, Target is carrying a selection of Valentine’s Day candy from Seattle Chocolates. What a treat! This is easy vegan love, folks.


More good news – Seattle Chocolates are kosher, gluten-free and sourced responsibly. In 2014, they began using only Rainforest Alliance cocoa. By 2015, their entire line will be certified and bear the Rainforest Alliance seal. A worthy goal.

And what about the candy itself? The individually wrapped Dark Chocolate Truffles with Cocoa Nibs are hand-packed. The candies are rectangular and firm – the centers aren’t gooey. Instead, it’s dense, heavy chocolate flavor. The ingredients list is simple and short. This is a chocolate-lover’s truffle – not for someone who like sugary-fake chocolates. We loved them. The truffles melt in your mouth into a mess of chocolate-y heaven. It’s almost a buttery sensation. Yum.!

If your Target doesn’t have Seattle Chocolates, you can shop online or try their handy state-by-state locator for a dealer near you. This is sure to delight your sweetie. Show him or her how easy it can be to share vegan love!

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