Chocolate Coconut Whip Parfaits


We don’t think Valentine’s Day needs to be complicated. In fact, with this recipe, you’re not only going to impress your sweetheart, you’re going to have tons of time for snuggling, cuz it comes together SO FAST!

The only important party that you MUST remember – the coconut milk you select is crucial. You have to get the coconut milk in a can, not the brands in paper cartons. We like Thai Kitchen Organic, but other brands work, too. The next thing about the coconut milk – you’ve GOT to chill it at least 12 hours, or it won’t whip when you go to make the recipe.  24 hours is even better, if you can plan ahead. After that, pow! All you need to do is whip the ingredients together and spoon them into parfait dishes. Or be like us, and eat it with spoons out of the mixing bowl.

parfait_frame_lrReady to try this recipe? Click on over to Sister Eden, where the recipe is posted! You can use other parfait layering items, too – try raspberries, chocolate chips, chopped nuts! Whatever your sweetie likes!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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