Show some love to Cupig


It’s Valentine’s Day. And you are all set with your chocolate and dinner reservations. But why not really share the love? Local farmed animal sanctuary, Burleigh Manor in Ellicott City has many gorgeous critters you can adopt. You can’t actually take them home to snuggle, but for a reasonable cost you can help support one of these noble creatures. Your adoption donation helps with the animal’s feeding, bedding, shelter, vet care and heating costs over the winter. With all the snow and ice storms in the Maryland region, the pigs, horses, goats, cows, chickens, bunnies, mules and donkeys could really use the extra support.


For a one-time donation of  $15 for a bunny or chicken; $25 for a pig or goat (Cupig loves this idea!); $35 for a donkey or $50 for a horse, cow or mule,  your recipient will get a card in the mail from their adopted critter and can set up an appointment to visit if you are local to the area. These crucial sponsorships help pay for the animals’ feed, vet care, bedding, housing – and HEATING in the winter!

How can you say no to these faces? In the top photo, Moose and Cash, both mules rescued literally from a slaughterhouse; below, Jenny the donkey watches over shy Lil, the cow – both surrendered by owners who could not care for them, but didn’t want them sent to slaughter.


Cupig is actually Mabel. Here she is with her companion, Hamlet. Mabel was taken as a runt from a farmer at the county fair, escaping her fate at the stockyard. She’s very smart and can even unlock her pen and walk over to the main house to oink for food. Hamlet was purchased to be a pet and his family loved him, but the neighbors did not, so he had to be surrendered to the Sanctuary. He has found his forever home with Mabel, but still enjoys occasional walking on a lead around his new neighborhood, just like a pooch.


Won’t you share the love this Valentine’s Day and help a rescued animal? Visit the adoption page at Burleigh to pick out your new sweetie.


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