Locality: Anything Vegan Sauces


In our various travels we cross paths with many awesome, small vegan companies. Anything Vegan is one of those. We met them at an event in Washington D.C. and bought two jars of their O’So Cheesy vegan cheese alternative sauces. What can we say but… hot damn! They are good!

Based in Virginia, Anything Vegan is made of up of two chefs, Jasmine and Marjorie and their motto is “Anything you can make, I can make vegan.”  Which rocks! They offer vegan coaching services, home chef services and have written two cookbooks: Juice Power and How to Create a Very Merry Vegan Holiday Meal. Both are available for your Kindle or e-reader.


In all honesty, when I walked away from their table with this wonderful jarred cheesy sauce, I had the complete, total intention to write a recipe to go with it. Unfortunately, that never happened because we ate it like ravenous beasts. The O’So Cheesy sauce really lives up to its name. It’s thick and cheesy and freaking delicious. The Roasted Red Pepper has a slight tanginess and the Original is smooth and gorgeous. (There is a third flavor, too, 7-Herb & Garlic, but they were sold out of that one.)

To be totally honest, we ate a good deal of it off spoons. I’d like to say we at least poured it into a cute dish and dipped in sliced carrots or broccoli or even chips. That would have been great, too. The reality is, it didn’t make it that long. It was just too darn delicious.

At the event where we met them, they were giving away recipe booklets for the O’So Cheesy sauce, which included menu ideas like Vegan Bacon & O’So Cheesy Roasted Red Pepper Stuffed Mushrooms, O’So Cheesy 7-Herb & Garlic Baked Eggplant Rolls and Vegan O’So Cheesy “Hamburger” Soup. Alas, our jars of cheesy goodness didn’t last long enough to try these!

But while you’re on their site, there are some recipes worthy of your time – be sure to look at Apple-Almond Buttery Pancakes, Stuff Me Vegan Sensuous Stuffing, Super Food Herb Garden Burgers and Mushroom Pate Pastry.

While you can find lots of photos of this wonderous O’So Cheesy sauce on the website, there is not a link to buy it online, nor directions on where it is available locally. It could be that the site is under construction. Perhaps drop the ladies an email if you want some. 🙂  Thanks Jasmine and Marjorie – we cannot wait to get more O’So Cheesy sauces!!

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