Vodka Pretty


In the world of organic alcohol, wine seems to take spotlight, with beer waiting in the wings. But vodka’s day has come to the organic market.

Choosing organic beverages means ingredients used to make your fermented drink are aren’t sprayed with  toxic insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and fertilizers. These unhealthy chemicals pollute water, air, and soil. Researchers at Cornell University estimate that at least 67 million birds die each year from pesticides sprayed on US fields. The number of fish killed is conservatively estimated at six to 14 million. And, many pesticides are toxic to humans, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. Chemicals that, when ingested frequently, can potentially increase the risk of cancer other health risks.

Chemical-free organic drinks often taste better, too. Why not try it out for yourself and check out these lovely vodkas?


Rain and Square One are among our favorites in the bunch.  Rain is really smooth vodka and is distilled seven times! This is the bottle you want for vodka-tonics. It’s also vegan-friendly and comes in original, mango and cucumber flavors.

Square One makes vodka in original, cucumber, botanical and basil varieties. Botanical is really interesting it’s  infused with the essence of eight herbs & flowers: pear, rose, chamomile, lemon verbena, lavender, rosemary, coriander and citrus peel. These bottles are also vegan-friendly and make for smooth drinking – and perfect cocktails.

But among the bunch of organic vodkas there’s also PraireAmerican HarvestCrop and Ocean.  We’ve tried Crop and Praire, and both are also good, solid vodka.

Now you’re ready to try these liquors. And we’ve got a bright, refreshing cocktail for you. This is fun for girls’ night and the gorgeous pink-ness make it perfect for occasions like Bridal Showers.


Pretty Pink Spritzer

1 part vodka

1 part limoncello

2-3 parts cherry-lemon flavored sparkling water

a few raspberries, frozen

Combine vodka and limoncello in serving glass, top with cherry-lemon sparkling water and float a few frozen raspberries in the glass. Enjoy!

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