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The space in-between teeth is pretty neglected. Both the DH and I have been scolded by our dentist for failure to FLOSS our teeth. But because we post so much about food, we wanted to share this PSA – you need to take care of your teeth! Did you know that you can brush your teeth two or three times a day and still get cavities? If you don’t floss, food residue can settle between your teeth, then comes bacteria, then come cavities and gum disease. Some experts even link higher risk of heart disease to poor dental care. All this because you don’t floss.

To our surprise, most flosses aren’t vegan! The stringy part is normally coated in beeswax and some flavors even contain dairy ingredients. Geez! And talk about NOT eco friendly – we have not yet found the mainstream company that can make biodegradable dental floss. It’s just string you run between your teeth, right? Why so artificial?

On the search for vegan, greener dental floss we found two companies we liked. They aren’t perfect – still made from nylon/polyester. But they’re vegan and made without a long list of nasty chemicals or artificial dyes. It’s an improvement, a step in the right direction.


First we found Radius Cranberry Floss. It is a completely vegan, nylon floss coated in candelilla wax and cranberry essence from USA-sourced berries. Radius contains no glutens, preservatives, GMO’s, artificial sweeteners or color, or fluoride and is sweetened with Xylitol. Cranberry is a natural source of phytochemicals which have been proven to stop unwanted bacteria clinging to surfaces (think UTIs, ladies!). It acts as a natural inhibitor to plaque on the surfaces between teeth and helps prevent gum disease.

We couldn’t taste a strong cranberry flavor, but it got the job done and it’s worth checking out! Yea, it’s in a plastic container, we know. But, floss is considered a medical device by the FDA and they require it to be packaged in a plastic container. If your area accepts #5 plastic, you can recycle it. And of course, the cardboard box is recyclable (and printed on recycled paper!)

Radius flosses are manufactured in a family owned, fair trade farm cooperative in Colombia. You can buy them online at Amazon or at MOM’s Organic Market, Whole Foods, the Vitamin Shoppe and Wegman’s in the Maryland/DC area. Oh – Radius also makes vegan floss in mint and they DO make a biodegradable floss, but it is made of silk and is not vegan.


The second floss we found was Theraneem. If you haven’t heard about neem oil, you need to get with it. Neem oil is like a miracle! It’s  rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants;  it’s gentle, skin conditioning and renowned for its beautifying properties. Prized for its rich nutty-garlic like aroma, it is used widely to increase the health of the skin for humans, pets and to support healthy gardens. Theraneem‘s ethically wild-harvested and certified organic.

This floss is made of polyester and contains  extracts of neem leaf and bark, grapeseed, clove, cardamom, star anise, cinnamon and licorice. It’s vegan and it tastes awesome!!! Again, it’s not compostable, but you can recycle the paper box and the plastic container. We loves this floss, it has a strong spicy flavor, even an slight aroma!

Theraneem is available locally at MOM’s Organic Market, Whole Foods, David’s Natural Market and they have an online list to help you track some down local to you!

Now – take care of your teeth. So you can eat more delicious food!! 🙂


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    • Thanks Lori – we will absolutely check this brand out! Seriously though, you’d think dental floss could be compostable, right? Who knew?!

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