Cooking with BEER!


Baltimore Vegan Drinks is taking the beer out of the pub and putting it… in your food! Next Tuesday March 25th, Chef Gregory Brown from The Land of Kush will present the first in a “Cooking with Booze” series for BVDrinks from 7pm to 9pm, highlighting several dishes made with beer. Like these dank beer-battered onion rings. Yes, we got to be there for the preview tasting. Yes, these are killer-delicious. It’s like stepping back in time to all the greasy fried onion ring heaven you remember from county fairs – only waaay better because these have BEER in them and they’re VEGAN. Sigh…


Chef Gregory will be preparing other offerings as well, including Seitan Stewed in Beer Broth with Homemade Dumplin’s. Very tasty with mixed veggies!


It’s the man himself – Chef Gregory Brown!!! You know and love him from his cafe – all that wonderful soul food like kale salad, seitan ribs and of course, the mac & cheese.


This is an awesome class not to be missed! The event will be hosted by the Local Color Flowers studio on Brentwood Ave. in Baltimore. Yes, there will be door prizes, like at all Baltimore Vegan Drinks events! And surprises too! Guests will get goodie bags and a special vegan beer guide made by none-other than blogger, The Vegan’s Husband. Tickets are $30 and available on the BVDrinks event page.

Don’t miss out, because we WILL eat your portion of the onion rings! (We don’t feel bad about that, either…)

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