Parmela: Doin’ It Parmesan Style


It’s unassuming, that little yellow box. It arrived in the mail from Vegan Cuts, a new Parm “cheese” and we planned a pasta dinner to try it out. Parmela looks like real Parmesan; it smells like real Parmesan, even sprinkles like it from your spoon… but what exactly is it? What is aged nut cheese?parmela_lrYou would not believe the jokes we came up with over “aged nut cheese.” If the product wasn’t so darn good, no one could ever take it seriously with a label like that. But it IS good. It’s delish in fact, and we used up three container of Parmela in record speed. It was great on pasta, of course. But also sprinkled over soups, salads, on sandwiches, wraps. It added a depth of flavor not unlike aged dairy cheese.

Parmela is a fermented vegan cheese created wholly from non-dairy, cholesterol free ingredients. Dairy cheese is one of the foods highest in cholesterol and the link between a high cholesterol diet and heart disease is well documented. Nuts, in addition to being cholesterol free can play a role in reducing the risk of heart disease.  Almonds and cashews form the base for Parmela and nutritional yeast adds a range of B vitamins.  The formation of Parmela‘s authentic “cheese” flavor occurs during fermentation, which is also where the soy is broken down into a form that is more easily digested. All ingredients are non-GMO.

It even sounds dreamy…Parmela. Like the name of some supermodel.  But this little beauty is attainable! Parmela is available locally at Pangea Vegan Store in Rockville. You can also buy it online at Vegan Essentials or check this link to see if it’s for sale a store near you!

Now you don’t have to miss Parmesan. Grab some aged nut cheese and sprinkle over the spaghetti to your heart’s content!


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