BBQ Beyond Meat Pizza


Once I saw a woman with a tee shirt that read “Anything you can make, I can make vegan” – and her sentiment echoed in my mind recently as I watched a commercial for BBQ pizza. I mean, hello, of COURSE vegans can also enjoy a BBQ pizza!

The key to making this pizza really tasty is planning ahead. You’ve got to do the marinade step because it gives the flavors a chance to mingle. We used Beyond Meat Chicken-Free Strips with store-bought BBQ sauce. This recipe has been a fast favorite in our home – we’ve served it to guests, ate it for lunch and dinner – basically, we love it!

Our favorite pizza crust is a recipe by Bobby Flay, which is designed for grilling. We make our pizzas on the grill on a pizza stone. But you can use any crust recipe you prefer – or just buy pre-made crust if you aren’t into messing around with dough rising and such. You don’t have to grill pizzas, either! You can make this in any oven or even make small ones in a toaster oven!


BBQ Beyond Meat Pizza

One package Beyond Meat Chicken-Free Strips, Grilled flavor

1 cup BBQ sauce ( we used Jack Daniels Spicy Original)

1/2 cup chopped cilantro

1 jalapeño, seeded and diced fine

2 cups vegan cheddar shreds (we used Daiya)

One pizza crust (recipe by Bobby Flay or use your favorite!)

1/4 cup cornmeal
1/2 cup scallions, chopped

Coconut bacon, optional (we used Zia’s or try Phoney Baloney)

Shred Beyond Meat chicken strips with a fork into pieces. Mix with BBQ sauce, cilantro and jalapeño and allow to marinate several hours or overnight. Roll out pizza crust and dust bottom with cornmeal, so you can move the pizza later. Top with half of the cheddar style shreds. Follow with BBQ Beyond Meat. Cover with remaining cheddar shreds, scallions and a sprinkle of coconut bacon.

This recipe makes one large or two medium pizzas. If you are going for small personal-sized pizzas, it will make 3 to 4, based on how you roll out the dough and distribute the toppings.

If you are baking your pizza in an oven, preheat it to 400 and bake on a large cookie sheet or pizza stone for 10-12 minutes, until crust is baked/edges are browned, and the cheddar-shreds are melted and gooey. Cut into slices and devour.

If you are using a grill, preheat your charcoal for about 20-30 minutes with pizza stone on top. Slide the pizza onto  the heated pizza stone (this is where you really need that cornmeal, to make it slide!) and cook, covered, for about 4 to 6 minutes. Depending on your grill, if there are hot spots, you may need to turn the pizza about half-way through to prevent burning. Grilled pizzas are SO yummy – try this if you can!


Cook’s Notes: Finding Beyond Meat is getting easier all the time. Locally in Maryland, you can get it at Roots Market, David’s and MOM’s. Nationally, you can find it at Whole Foods. If you still can’t locate it, try this recipe with Gardein‘s faux chicken, which is super easy to find everywhere, even Target!  For BBQ sauces, you can make your own if you want to avoid added sugars and corn syrup. If you decide to buy BBQ sauce, read labels! Some contain pork, beef and dairy.  Want homemade pizza crust taste without all the hassle? Just stop by your favorite pizzeria – they almost always will sell you some pre-made dough. Bring it home, roll it out – and you’re all set! Trader Joe’s also makes a wonderful fresh pizza dough.

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