Get Squashed


They’re here. The summer squashes have arrived and now every garden is overflowing with zucchini and yellow squashes. You see them at farmer’s markets, roadside stands – even your neighbors are trying to give them away. Don’t worry, we’ve got you. You aren’t going to overdose on Zucchini Bread, I promise.

dhbgSquasarole_lrFirst, we offer up a family favorite from the Dirty Hippie’s Mom: Yellow Squash Casserole. This is a southern staple and it seems every family has their own variation on it. It’s a snap to make- even children could help with this one! There are only a few ingredients: yellow squash, sweet onions, cheesy shreds (like Daiya or Follow Your Heart), buttery crackers (like Ritz), salt/pepper and some Earth Balance. That’s it. You can throw it together, stick it in the oven, and finish, like, ten other chores while it bakes!

This recipe is cross-posted at Sister Eden’s blog. So click on over and check it out. You’re going to want this one in your collection – it’s a delicious use-up for all those yellow squash and incredibly simple.


zucchsandDHBG_lrBut what about zucchini….? Yes, those seem to pop up everywhere this time of year. It’s like an invasion of little green squashes! You’ve seen all the recipes too – zucchini “pasta”, breads, muffins – even pancakes! We like to make these pressed sandwiches with zucchini.

Again, this recipe is cross-posted to Sister Eden’s blog. What we really like about this one is how flexible it is. We’ve used different bread and sandwich stuffing, depending on what’s in the kitchen. We like it with sprouts, roasted red peppers, onions and tomatoes – but if you have mushrooms and scallions on hand instead, just use those! The zucchini really resonates with the sauce. We think the mustard and horseradish sort of liven it up and make the sweet green squash into a satisfying and savory pressed sandwich.

So, no need to worry! You’ve now got two more reasons to celebrate – and not be scared – of the summer squash and zucchini season! Enjoy!

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