Vote for the BEST vegan stuff!


Now is the time to exercise your right to be heard ~ on the topic of general vegan awesomeness, that is. It’s the annual VegNews Veggie Awards and it’s your turn to make your opinion count for these small vegan businesses.

You can vote for best non-dairy milk, best chocolate bar, best vegan cheese, best vegan restaurant. Then there are fun categories like fave veg celebrity and best fake “meat” – can we suggest Beyond Meat for your vote? For some small businesses, like the vegan B&B category, these votes are a huge deal to the success of their business! Don’t forget our friends, recently profiled, at the Ginger Cat B&B in New York.


As you cast your vote remember – any support you give to vegan businesses helps them grow. All small businesses struggle, so make your votes count and ask others to get online and rally behind all these companies by participating in the VegNews Veggie Awards 2014! Click over to VegNews here and get going!


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    • True that! Seeing the issue with all the winners is so exciting every year. We always use the lists to try new things and places.

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