DH & BG’s Excellent EXPO Adventure


There’s this annual event in Baltimore each September that attracts foodies, chefs, grocers and other culinary who’s-who from far and wide. This incredible 3-day adventure is known as the Natural Products Expo East, or to those foodies in the Bmore area, it’s just “EXPO.” More than 23,000 attendees and 1,277 exhibitors filled the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, MD with the collective goal of bringing more health to more people. The event was produced by New Hope Natural Media from Boulder, CO.

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 1.27.49 AM

Photo via Natural Products Expo Website

If you’ve ever been to a usual expo, that takes up one large convention room, then you have some scope when I say that EXPO is literally five times that size. And it’s all natural foods, supplements, eco-home and beauty goods – all awesome stuff. The event lasts three days for a reason – you need a LOT of time to get through it all! There’s so much to see and just about every other booth is appealing. There are new products, fresh to the market and old favorites that you know and love. Everyone is showing off their wares and best-of-the-best stuff to impress buyers, media and experts.

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 1.21.12 AM

Photo via Natural Products Expo Website

Now, not everyone gets into EXPO. It’s costly – tickets start at $80-ish and go up from there, depending on who you are. We got in as volunteers for friends who had a booth. After we worked for four hours, we got badges and ran inside.

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 1.21.23 AM

Photo via Natural Products Expo Website


To say it’s overwhelming is a serious understatement. But even after walking down aisles and aisles of natural foods and other goodies, a few things rose to the top of the list. So each of the businesses below created a product we LOVED! We sampled many, many more than this. But these were the best of show winners in our book. Because each deserves their own love, we’re going to do more than post them on this single post.

We will be running a series of short posts, featuring each product individually, so you can learn more about them all!

The best-of-the-best stuff … in alphabetical order:

Choffey IC Dark (brewed chocolate beverage)

Color Garden (pure, natural food colors)

Daisey Fresh (fridge filter for veggies and fruits)

Eating Evolved Caramel & Sea Salt Coconut Butter Cups

Emmy’s Organics (macaroons)

Ener-C Vitamin Drink Mixes

Higher Living Teas (tea bags)

MacroLife Naturals Superfood (powder drink mixes)

Mediterra Savory Snack Bars

Metropolitan Gourmet Bread Crumbs

Naturade Vegan Smart All-in-One Nutritional Shakes (powder drinks mixes)

Neat Egg (vegan egg substitute)

Nutritious You Sweet Beet Crackers

Ollois Homeopathic Medicines

The Piping Gourmets (vegan and GF whoopie pies)

Primal Pit Paste (deodorant)

ProTings Baked Crisps

Sibu Sura Chocolates

SugaVida (plant-based B12 food/supplement)

TeaPops (Frozen tea & juice treats)

Tolerant Foods (bean-based pastas)

TracHealth Kombucha (powdered, portable drink mix)

Virginia’s First Tea Farm Natural Soaps

Stay tuned and be sure to look for these awesome products online and (hopefully) at a store near you soon!

Be sure to check out the Natural Products Expo East in 2015 – it’s worth it, whatever you have to do to get in! EXPO 2015 is scheduled to take place at the Baltimore Convention Center, September 16-19, 2015 in Baltimore, MD.



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  1. Those coconut butter cups look delicious and the vegan meal replacement shakes look really good too! Question: can anyone go to Natural Expo? I really want to go next year in Baltimore!

    • Hey Melissa! I know you would LOVE the Caramel Coconut Butter Cups – the chocolate is luscious too! 🙂 The short answer is yes, anyone can go to EXPO, but it’s quite pricey. The best way in, I’d say, is to work for one of the companies there. For example, Treeline and Honest Tea and Just Mayo – all hire people to help sample at their tables. It’s worth looking into. There are also a variety of non-profits you can volunteer with to get it. OR, jus pay the ticket price and go through on your own time. Either way, it is wonderful and so much fun!!!

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