ExpoFinds: the Neat Egg


Last year (2013) at the Natural Products Expo East we found and fell in love with Neat. It’s plant-based “meat” made from pecans, chickpeas & oats, and the company is local to us, based in Lancaster, PA. At the time, they had three varieties of Neat: Italian, Mexican and Original. We tried all three and have been loyal customers ever since. “Neatballs” are a favorite around here on spaghetti-night, and our non-vegan family and friends also give these meat replacements the thumbs-up. It’s exciting – we’ve seen their company grow from Neat being available only online to being carried at Wegman’s and MOM’s locations. Awesome!

This year at EXPO, the nice folks from Neat were showcasing their newest item – the Neat Egg!NeatEgg_lr

The Neat Egg is a powdered egg replacer for baking and cooking. It’s made of chia seeds and chickpea flour, and works in any recipe that uses egg as a binder. You can’t make it like a scrambled egg or omelette, but it’s great for quick breads, muffins and things like that. It also works well in Neatballs – as the original Neat mixes need a binder to form into balls, loaves and patties.

We haven’t had a chance yet to create a new recipe using the Neat Egg, but we’re used chia seeds in baked goods before and they work well, so this product looks like yet another winner from the Neat company! As soon as we have a moment to test this out, we promised to post a recipe! Till then, be sure to check out the Neat Egg and the rest of the Neat line!


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