ExpoFinds: Tolerant Pasta


One thing we saw tons of at EXPO was gluten-free foodstuffs. At every corner was some gluten-free product, and not all were so great.

But we really, really loved Tolerant pasta!

Tolerant Foods makes red lentil penne and black bean penne – and the only ingredient in these noodles is, well, red lentils and black beans. The legumes are non-GMO and organic, too. So this pasta is vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, high in protein, high in iron & folate, fiber-rich and low-glycemic. Seriously, can it get any better??? Wait – it does get better – because the penne was delicious!


pasta_lrWe tried the red lentil penne first. It cooked in eight minutes in boiling water, just like any other noodles might. The penne was tender, had great bite at the al dente stage and had a pleasing light-lentil color. We served it with regular marinara and it was just wonderful! I would recommend it to anyone. The black bean penne was just as yummy and had an equally good texture upon eating. It cooked in about 6 minutes, so it would be ideal for fast suppers.

Tolerant Foods makes their legume noodles in penne, mini fettuccine and rotini shapes. We haven’t tried them yet in cold pasta dishes like pasta salad, nor have we used them in any sort of casseroles, but I have no reason to thing they would not hold up well.

Finding Tolerant pasta is easy with their online store locator. Locally in Maryland, you can find them at MOM’s Markets. And you should definitely check these noodles out – it’s something you can feed to anyone – vegan, gluten free, soy free, low-glycemic – anyone can eat these wonderful pastas!! They have recipe ideas online, too.


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    • It’s super yummy – be sure to check the Tolerant website, you can find places near you where it is sold – or buy some online! 🙂

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