ExpoFinds: Mediterra Savory Nutrition Bars


In the world of snacks, more falls on the side of sweet than savory. Meet the Mediterra Savory Nutrition Bar in Black Olive & Walnut and Sundried Tomato with Basil. Yes, your snack bar has finally grown up!

We heard about these treasures at EXPO from other attendees before we even found the stand. Yep, they had that much buzz going on! Honestly, the chatter was with good reason. When we found the Mediterra table, there was a line for samples. The two gals behind the table were barely filling up the sample dishes as fast as the crowd was emptying them. These savory bars had folks excited – and hungry!

Both the Black Olive & Walnut and Sundried Tomtato with Basil are based with pea crisps and protein, as well as cashews, brown rice syrup,  olive oil, amaranth and agar. But then they added unexpcted flavors like green pepper, caper and basil. You won’t find that in other snack bars!


Inspired by the flavors Greece, Mediterra bars emphasize the foods of the traditional Mediterranean diet with whole grains, fruits, greens and less sugar.  Their mission is to offer a healthful snack alternative with unique flavors. Mediterra makes six different bars, but the other four aren’t vegan, as they contain dairy yogurt or honey.

The savory bars are worth finding, though, with only 3 or 4 grams of sugar per bar, and a gluten-free ingredient list they will surprise you and become a new snacking favorite! Mediterra is based in New York and has sellers nationwide already, plus you can buy online.


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