ExpoFinds: SugaVida Plant-Based B12


One of the most regular comments non-vegans make about the vegan diet is that you need to take a vitamin B12 supplement. And it’s true, because until now, I had never, ever heard of a plant-based source of B12. Vitamin B12 is vital for brain function, the nervous system, and the formation of blood, and is the only vitamin vegans usually need to add to their diets.

SugaVida is made from Palmyra, a variety of palm tree. The product is vegan, organic, non-GMO and bio-available. One tablespoon of SugaVida contains 36% of B12 RDA, 210% of B6 RDA, and 500% of B1 RDA.  SugaVida contains fiber and minerals, too. Pretty impressive!

SugaVida is sweet ~ it can be used as a sweetener in recipes (baking, cooking, drinks)  calling for sugar, but at only 1/2 the amount.  Our sample was really small – so we didn’t get enough to try in a recipe, so whenever the product becomes available, we will try it and post again!



Photo from SugaVida website

Palmyra is the rarest of the palm trees. The unrefined and non-distilled sugar from the sap or the juice called jaggery, made from Palmyra, has been around for over 6000 years and is being used in traditional medicine to help blood insulin resistance, insomnia and sleep deprivation, as well as hyperactivity and lung infections. It is also exceptionally rich in B Vitamins, iron, potassium, magnesium, and other essential minerals vital for maintaining good health and vitality.

It takes 15 years for a Palmyra tree to grow and start giving fruit and the trees continue to give fruit for 100-125 years. No trees are killed unlike with palm sugar production!



Photo from New Age Mama blog post/review

It does not appear that SugaVida is available for sale yet in the USA or Canada. Maybe they found some distribution outlets at EXPO, I hope! In the meantime, we did find this review online from a blogger in England, where SugaVida is on the market. This writer made apple butter and apple pie with SugaVida and felt it tasted a lot like coconut sugar.

We’re excited about SugaVida – but haven’t really gotten to try it in any recipe or over any length of time. I’m looking forward to seeing it for sale in the USA so we can experiment with this B12-rich sweetner!


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  1. Hi, DHBG! Thanks for the interest. SugaVida is currently available in the U.S. Our company started distributing it across the U.S. a few months ago. It’s currently at select stores and most Vitamin Shoppes (though they only seem to carry one can at a time in each store). If you would like a larger sample to play around with, please get in touch. Cheers, Jim.

    • Thanks for the update Jim! This is great news for the folks on our side of the pond. You know, this post still gets quite a lot of traffic, everyone is interested in plant-based B12 for sure. I’ll follow up with an email to you. Gracias!

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