ExpoFinds: Choffy


Going through the many, many aisles of goodies at Natural Products Expo East, you see more than you can possibly remember. But it’s rare you run into something you cannot forget. Choffy was literally unforgettable.  Simply put, Choffy is brewed chocolate you drink. It’s not hot cooca or hot chocolate mix. It isn’t like Starbucks Drinking Chocolate. As the name implies, it’s more like coffee, but it’s Choffy. You brew it like coffee, with grounds of cocoa instead of coffee beans.

Started in 2006, Choffy’s founder Jason Vanderhoven was looking for a drink that tasted great and provided long-lasting enegry, but without the caffeine crash of coffee. He found it in 100% ground, roasted cocoa beans. Choffy is vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free. We love it and with the rich, elegant chocolate flavor, we didn’t need any sugar or creamer. The taste was initally thin, but after a moment and one inhale, it’s like you’re breathing in reallly good chocolate with complexity and earthiness.


Choffy_lrIn the cup, Choffy doesn’t look as dark as coffee or cocoa. The makers suggest using a French press if you want a darker, richer color or a stronger chocolate flavor.

Because Choffy is made entirely of cacão beans, there is a very small amount of caffeine naturally. It is about the same as about 1 oz. of dark chocolate. The energy boost that you feel from Choffy is from theobromine. This gentle stimulant provides you with a healthy energy lift by dilating the cardiovascular system, making the heart’s job easier. Theobromine does not negatively affect the nervous system, therefore delivers energy without the crash or other negative effects of caffeine.

Ready to brew a cup of chocolate? We sure are! To find Choffy, visit their locations page online, or buy directly from the website. They also have a recipes page online and there are great ideas to use Choffy, like these vegan, no-bake cookies!


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