ExpoFinds: Nutritious You Beet Chips


Beets are the new kale. Or at least that’s what we think, and apparently, the folks at Nutritious You Crackers agree, because at EXPO, they brought out their SweetBeet Crackers. Which are delicious!

This small company is based out of Sarasota, FL and makes several varieties of vegan-friendly, gluten-free, raw crackers and snacks. The line includes Cheezy Kale Chips, as well as the SweetBeets Crackers, VeggiePulp Crackers and Rosemary Walnuts. While everything was tasty and worthy of your snacking attentions, the SweetBeet Crackers are a standout.


beetchips_lrSweetBeet Crackers are dehydrated and come in a compostable bag. The texture is crisp, like a chip almost, and the flavor is spectacular . While beets are naturally sweet, the ingredient list includes bananas, dates, cashews, flax seeds, sesame seeds, lemon juice and a blend of lively spices accented by Himalayan sea salt. The result is a complex taste that has a touch of sweetness with a familiar, crunchy mouthfeel – truly a winning combination.

We were lucky enough to walk away from EXPO with a whole bag of these goodies. They passed the “dip into hummus test” and were approved by friends who are picky eaters.

At the moment, you can find Nutritious You SweetBeet Crackers retailers online, or contact them directly to purchase.


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  1. Awesome!! Thank you so very much for spreading the love!! All the best from the Nutritious You team in sunny Florida. Come visit us! 😉

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