ExpoFinds: TracHealth Powdered Kombucha


Kombucha. If you even know what it is, you’ve got an opinion on it.  To those who are uninitiated, kombucha is fermented tea. Basically, it’s brewed tea with a sweetener, that is fermented by a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). Kombucha contains loads of beneficial probiotics and has been consumed around the world for more than a century.

The problem with kombucha, is that it comes only in heavy glass bottles and isn’t so great for travel.  We have sad stories about a bunch of glass kombucha bottles, falling out of the car and shattering during trips. But that’s all over. trachealth is a USA-based company that just introduced powdered kombucha.

trachealth kombucha comes in three flavors: Pear Ginger, Goji Berry and Acai Blueberry Pomegranate. It contains organic acids, probiotics, polyphenols and amino acids. Combined with fermented tea, this drink supports digestive health naturally.  Just add water, mix and enjoy.

tracBooch_lrBeing kombucha junkies (yes, we drink fresh-brewed kombucha literally every day!), we were skeptical that a powdered kombucha would stand up to the test for a devoted “boocher.”  We really liked trachealth’s kombucha, though!

It had the familiar tanginess of fresh kombucha and even got lightly fizzy. We tried the Pear Ginger and Acai Blueberry Pomegranate. Both were quite tasty and will be in our bag when we travel next!! These would also be great to keep in a desk drawer at work, or as an econmical kombucha alternative for those on a budget, since they are much cheaper per packet (about $1.25 per packet) than fresh bottles, which are $4 to $8 each! If you are new to kombucha, trachealth mixes would be a great way to get into the habit, both because they are economical and because the sweet fruity flavors will have a wider appeal than some of the fresh kombucha brewers’ earthy flavors, like “daikon root.”

trachealth uses plant-based, nutrient-dense superfoods in these drinks, and their products are made in the USA with 100% non-GMO, gluten-free ingredients. In addition to travel- and office-friendly powdered kombucha, they also make chia seed drinks and a chia nutrition bar.

Yep, we found this jewel of a company at the Natural Products Expo East. But where can you get your hands on these fizzy, delightful beverage mixes? You can buy boxes of kombucha and chia drink mixes directly from the trachealth website. Want to find a store near you? Check out their locator and look at your local Whole Foods, as several stores carry the trachealth line.


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