Pumpkin Beer Soup


What’s that? You want MORE pumpkin-fall-yumminess? Sure, we can deliver that. How about thick, rich, soul-warming Pumpkin Beer Soup?

We’re all about embracing pumpkins and beer – especially pumpkin-flavored beer – and thus we’re excited to share our recipe for Pumpkin Beer Soup, which is cross-posted on the Sister Eden blog.


Now, if you don’t happen to have autumnal pumpkin beer on hand, use any amber beer you want, or even gluten-free beer (Green’s and Dogfish Head both make great gluten-free beers!).  We don’t recommend  dark beers for this recipe, as they can get bitter with cooking.

This recipe is vegan and great for serving a crowd. It’s creamy, warm and comforting, with the perfect hint of autumn in each spoonful! We have served it after going through haunted houses, at bonfires in mugs, and even at an engagement party we hosted for friends! Be sure to visit Sister Eden’s page and get our recipe.

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