ExpoFinds: Ener-C Drink Mix


When you roam the aisles of the Natural Products Expo East, there are hundreds of supplements vying for your attention. The small unassuming stand for Ener-C was lucky – they had a position on an end. So everyone got to see them and we’re glad about that, because their vitamin drink powders were wonderful!

First, don’t get confused, this is not the same company that makes Emergen-C. This is a small company, privately owned in Canada. Ener-C drinks mixes have B vitamins and potassium give you that non-caffeinated boost of energy without a crash.  B vitamins enable your body to generate energy naturally. And of course, as the name implies, there is 1000 mg of vitamin C as a mineral ascorbate mix that was designed for maximum absorption. Ener-C’s combination of vitamin C , Zinc , and vitamins A and E help maintain and build your immune system.


EnerC_lrWe noticed two things that made Ener-C stand out right away ~ first, it dissolved really well into water, which made it go down with no funny aftertaste or big glob of unmixed powder. That’s a big plus, but even more, it didn’t both either of our stomachs. With other vitamin powders, including Emergen-C, I often find they make me rush to the bathroom. But Ener-C went down and through my system smoothly. They were fizzy, but it wasn’t too much, because they didn’t make us feel burpy or gassy (without being too gross – sorry!).

I know, you’re thinking how can a vitamin drink be different – but it IS and you’ll know it right away, just like we did.

Ener-C comes in five flavors: Lemon Lime, Cranberry, Orange, Tangerine-Grapefriut and Raspberry. They are available at a variety of locations across the US and Canada, just check their retailers’ page. You can also request a FREE SAMPLE from their website, which is awesome! Here’s to your health ~ 🙂


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  1. This is not a criticism … just playing devil’s advocate for a minute… Why would I want powder instead of good old citrus fruit? Because citrus is not always easy/affordable to get and, most importantly, it often has to travel al long distance??? Because of the energy boost?

    • Good question, Lori. Experts much smarter than me debate this ALL the time, too! Many feel that you should try to get all your vitamins and minerals from foods. Which means eating an incredibly well balanced whole foods diet packed with LOADS of fresh fruits and veggies. The current recommended daily intake of fruits and veggies is also hotly debated – some say only 5 portions; others say up to 13 portions is needed. Again, I don’t know – I’m not a registered dietican, doctor or food scientist – and those folks can’t agree either! So – that circles us back around to supplements. I personally needed supplements when I was ill with GI distress and could not digest most food – so supplements for everything were my only option. And of course, anyone who isn’t getting their 5 to 13 servings of fresh fruits and veggies a day may or may not be getting all their vitamins. According to the USDA, an average orange has about 51 mg of vitamin C. The supplement above has 1000mg of vitamin C. So, you’d need to eat a lot of oranges to make up the difference if you were say – fighting off cold, preparing for an airplane flight or any other situation where your immune system may be under attack. The short answer to your question is – sure, it’s ideal to get ALL vitamins and minerals from food-based sources; but at the end of the day, most Americans (can’t speak of the rest of the world) are getting 1 to 2 servings of fruits/veggies a day, on average, and are not meeting all those recommended allowances. Perhaps in those cases, or in cases of compromised immunity/digestion, a supplement might help. If you aren’t sure, check with your doctor, naturopath or registered dietician to do blood work and let you know how you are doing!! 🙂

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