A plate of fall goodness…


This collection of harvest-themed recipes are all easy, vegan, gluten-free and tasty! Over the past few weeks, we have crossed-posted these original dishes on the Sister Eden blog, sharing plant-based eating with her eco-conscious readers.  But of course, we want to let YOU have the chance to try them all, too!

First, Apple Cider Slush. This drink is true nostalgia for us. One of our first dates was at a pick-your-own-apples orchard when we were in college. After roaming the orchards and pumpkin fields, we got apple cider slush to drink, and left the farm with jarred apple butter as a souvenir. For us, this was the beginning of a perfect romance.

The recipe is fun for everyone, though. You don’t have to be on a date to enjoy Apple Cider Slush! In fact, it’s crazy easy to make. All you need is apple cider, lemon juice, water and some spices, to taste. This is a fun recipe for sharing and an great, fun drink. Want to try it “grown up”? Add a splash of rum or whiskey.

DHCiderSlush_lrSlow cooker meals are an ideal fit for fall. So are acorn squash. Every market and grocery store in the mid-Atlantic seems to be over run with acorn squash this fall! And that’s fine, because they’re delicious and work like magic in this Acorn Squash Chili.  You could easily make up a batch of this chili before bed and have lunch for the next day all ready to pack.

Did you know – you don’t need to skin acorn squash?! That’s right. All you need to do is wash it, seed it and cube it up. To pull this Acorn Squash Chili together, first you’ll saute onions, garlic celery and carrots. Next, toss the sauted veggies, cubed squash and other ingredients into the slow cooker. And that’s it! The chili pretty much cooks itself.

AcornChili_lrHaving a meal ready to go during the busy fall season is like holding a hand full of aces at a poker game. These Freezer-Friendly Stuffed Peppers are just what you need. You can make them ahead of time and pop them in the freezer – then whenever you need a supper ready in a flash, just warm up some peppers.

These beauties are stuffed with onions, garlic, portabellos, kale, brown rice, chickpeas, spices and cashews! Freezer-Friendly Stuffed Peppers are a meal-in-one, great for families and anyone who is busy – but wants a nutritious, homemade meal.


In the world of veggies, Brussels Sprouts get a bad rap. It’s not their fault! The problem is that most folks don’t know how to cook them. Brussels Sprouts can actually be quite delicious. You might even find you crave them once you have them prepared properly. The good news is that making them is simple. Try these Balsamic Brussels Sprouts.

With only five ingredients, this is a side dish you can actually get on the table any night of the week. The key is paying attention to your cooking time. Balsamic Brussels Sprouts cook in only 8 to 12 minutes. Seriously! And the thing is, it’s SO yummy! Give these poor, misunderstood veggies a chance. You can spare ten minutes to get reacquainted.

brusselsside_lrOur Corn and Mango Salad with Citrusy Mint-Maple Dressing is a crowd-pleaser, so consider this recipe for parties and potlucks in the coming weeks. The roasted corn mingles with raw zucchini, red pepper, mango, minced red onions and edamame. The combination is bright and surprising with smokiness and fresh crunch in the mix. Again, it’s easy to pull together. You just all all the veggies to a large bowl and toss with the dressing.

Corn and Mango Salad with Citrusy Mint-Maple Dressing could work with another dressing if you are in a rush, however, the tart lime, savory basil, refreshing mint and sweet maple really do meld beautifully and highlight the contrasting textures and flavors in this salad.

cornsalad_dhbg_lrFor adventurous eaters, we have Spicy Swiss Chard Rolls. These fun wrap-ups will warm you up from the inside.; they’re are savory, hearty and bring some heat! The unique flavor profile was inspired by African peanut stew and mimicks the tasty combination of that traditional dish.

We used a fun peanut butter in our Spicy Swiss Chard Rolls that is pre-seasoned with cayenne pepper and chili powder. It’s Peanut Butter & Co.’s “The Heat is On.” But if you can’t find it in your local grocer and don’t want to buy a jar online, you can replicate the effect of spicy peanut butter by adding some cayenne, red pepper flakes and/or chili powder to your favorite peanut butter. Don’t care for too much spice? Just use regular peanut butter.  No worries if you have a peanut allergy, try using almond butter, sunflower seed butter, cashew butter or soy nut butter instead – just add spice to your taste to replicate the effect. And of course, skip garnishing with peanuts, too – to add that crunchy pop, try pepitas, slivered almonds, soynuts or toasted chickpeas.


To call kale a fall veggie isn’t quite right. Kale is an all the time vegetable, really. With a little care, kale plants will live even through the snowy months. So in theory, you can enjoy Fiesta Kale Salad all year long.

Kale is simple to prepare, but there are a few things you should know to make it even yummier. First, you’ve got to remove those woody stems if you plan to eat it raw, like in this salad. The stems are edible and in cooked dishes, they’re fine. But in raw salads, it’s like chewing on a stick. Next, you need to massage the kale. Not kidding! Once you’ve added the dressing, get in there with your hands – yes, it’s messy – and really rub those kale leaves down. It will make them soft and fluffy, and your family and friends will think you’re a culinary master.

To serve Fiesta Kale Salad to full effect, we suggest making the baked tortilla bowls. It’s not difficult and they’re so much fun to eat. Plus, they’re baked, so you can use any tortilla you like (whole wheat, spinach, tomato, gluten-free, etc.) and really customize the dish.

kaleMexi_dhbg_lrEnjoy your fall cooking and visit Sister Eden on Fridays for the “Let’s Eat” coulmun – we have a vegan, gluten free recipe posted there each week!


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