Sweeties: Divvies Chocolate


Sharing is caring. Which is a great way to go for your Valentine – a chocolate bar you can truly share. 🙂

Divvies chocolate bars are already marked to split in half. Yes, it’s true, the half marked “mine” is a bit bigger than the half marked “yours.” Ahem. But if you’re a kind person and you gift this bar to someone, then it looks like you plan to eat the smaller half. If you’re a kind person…

divvies_lrWe tested out the Divine Chocolate and Benjamint Crunch. Both dark chocolate varieties were smooth and tasty. Definitely a thumbs-up for Valentine’s Day. Divvies chocolates are ALL 100% free of nuts, dairy and eggs. So aside from the bars, you even have the option to try chocolate hearts, a chocolate dinosaur and rock candies.

Divvies also makes cupcakes, popcorn and cookies – which are vegan.

If you want to find Divvies, use their store locator to see if a Whole Foods or Giant near you has the goods. If not, buy online directly from the company!

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