Sweeties: Kakosi Nibbles


Do you like Nerds? Imagine chocolate Nerds. That are good for you. In a cute tin that you could carry in a purse, laptop case or even your pocket. That’s Kakosi Nibbles.


If you like chocolate covered espresso beans you’ll love this alternative. Raw cacao nibs enrobed in dark chocolate are a sweet, tasty and healthy choice. Yes, the middle of these little darlings is 100% cacao and 100% crunchy. A unique chocolate treat!kakosi2_lr

Available in 51% and 71% dark chocolate, Kakosi Nibbles are unadalterated raw cacao. They’ve got antioxidant flavonoids, and magnesium and are sourced by Ameriken Green company, using single-origin organic certified Criollo beans from the forests of Venezuela. The nibs are coated in rich, vegan, organic dark chocolate.

Ameriken Green is a cool company, too. They are devoted to fair trade, ethical practices, conservation, recycling/recyclable packaging, community sharing and hand crafted goods.

This would be a great little Valentine for folks you share a cubicle with, your siblings, teen-age or college friends, or just anyone who you want to share a little, you know, nibble of chocolate with.

Want to find Kakosi Nibbles?  Kakosi Nibbles has an online locator map. Type in your city and find the yumminess. We picked ours up at a local coffee shop, where it was in a display by the counter. Try online too – we found several independent companies were offering these tiny chocolates.


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