Veganic Gardening


Hope no one minds if I brag a little bit. Because this is a moment of shiny pride!

The Dirty Hippie had an article about Veganic Gardening published in a national magazine! In the most recent issue of Vegetarian Journal, from Baltimore-based Vegetarian Resource Group, his article spans three full pages and includes a photo of our compost, as well as a recipe for homemade Gardener’s Hand Soap.


Vegetarian Journal Article Veg Journal Article page 2

Dang, isn’t that compost gorgeous? We always joke that as vegans, we must have the best compost. We have a LOT of fruit/veggie trimmings and teabags in there! And at any one time, we have three compost bins as well as a heap working.

Veg Journal Article page 3

This recipe is also available online – you can read the whole thing here.

Veg Journal Cover

The entire issue of Vegetarian Journal is wonderful – please pick up a copy or order it online! Additionally, if you don’t know The Vegetarian Resource Group, visit their website. It’s bursting with info of all kinds about veganism, nutrition data and loads of recipes.

Thanks for listening while I brag! 🙂

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