The mind is like a parachute – it only works if it’s open”  ~ Jordan Maxwell

We believe in the concept of full disclosure. So here it is…. we aren’t really hippies. We don’t own any tie-dye, bell bottoms or patchouli oil. We aren’t even dirty. Sorry. We chose the name of this blog because so many times, folks have assumed that we must be dirty hippies because who else would care about the environment and eat vegan food?

Both of us are working artists living in Baltimore County, Maryland. We have a house, a Prius. We went to college – that’s where we met – and both had careers in journalism before newspapers tanked a few years back. In our daily lives, most people think we’re a little different – because we’re creatives. Not because of what we eat or how we live our lives. As far as we are concerned it’s not weird to be vegan or environmentalist. The site is about sharing our adventures in eco-living and vegan food.  If you’re interested in greening up your life, that’s great – we’re happy to share what we know. If you have a fancy for vegan food, check out our eats on the site. We really do eat every dish we showcase and we truly make huge steps to maintain a green lifestyle.

A little more?

The Dirty Hippie is 36 and a Gemini. He was born in Atlanta, Ga and grew up in Nashville, Tn, the son of two parents who run an environmental engineering firm. DH loves gardening, hiking, traveling, wine-drinking and the History Channel. Though he did not grow up vegetarian, he was raised on a several-acre vegetable farm. He fell in love with veggie food when he moved in with the Bohemian Girl 12 years ago and has been meat free since. As of 2015, he has been fully vegan for six years. Environmentalism has always been part of his life and the DH’s love for nature is truly a defining part of his personality. Real name… Nathaniel.

The Bohemian Girl is 40 and a Pisces. She was born and grew up in York, Pa. and has always been bohemian at heart. She has been vegan for 21 years. Vegan food and living echoes true in her soul and she feels at home there. The BG has long been a greenie as well. She made a scene in high school by leading the Environmental Club to rifle through trash cans for cans and glass bottles in the lunch room, and shortly after, a recycling program was started in the district. She loves animals and doesn’t feel right if she doesn’t have an animal companion sharing her path in life. For ten years, that was a retired racing greyhound named Lochrima. Sad news – Lochrima died on May 1, 2015, and at the moment, there is no large animal in our home. For 6 years, there has been an African dwarf frog as well and last month, we were gifted a huge 55 gallon tank of freshwater fish from friends who were moving. When the time is right, there will be another dog companion.

Disclaimer: We don’t do “formal reviews” on this site. If we don’t like something, it’s simply not on the blog. If we highlight a product or business, we really like them. All efforts are made to assure products we show here are vegan and green. We are open to improvements, so feel free to jump in and talk to us.

Also, please note, we are not registered dieticians, clinical nutritionists, professional chefs or environmental scientists. This blog is our opinion only and has not been evaluated by the FDA or any other experts.

Additionally – many vegans elect not to eat meat or dairy “substitutes” like soy cheese, veggie burgers/slices, or soy milk. We do use these products, but make every effort in our recipes to create options if you don’t want to include them. Sometimes we can’t. Please be understanding.

Peace Out.

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  1. LOVEthe site! I am so doing the holiday scrub. … Maybe a 1/2 recipe. Where is the bestlace to get the jojoba oil at a reasonable price?

    • Hey Jackie- Thanks for stopping by. We get our organic jojoba oil on, or you can try Vitamin Shoppe. We used Desert Essence brand. Happy Holiday Scrubbing!

    • Thanks Hannah and likewise! Your recipes also look great, I can’t wait to try several ASAP! We cook a lot around here, and tho its not a trailer, we are working in a smaller kitchen than even my shared college dorm had. Big props to you! Your photos and recipes look just terrific! 🙂

  2. I found you and your blog because well, you found me. I love what you have written and I look forward to reading more. Oh, I am a nutritionist both human and doggie, and cat so drop me line if u gave a quedtion or two from time to time!

  3. Love your blog you guys. I was scrolling at 12:30 a.m. and getting sooooo hungry. Your pictures are amazing. What do you use to take them with and to edit? I’ve also been wanting to try Beyond Meat ever since I stumbled upon it on my Twitter feed and haven’t yet, but your photos def. convinced me I need to get on that! Do you order it online or where do you buy it?

    Thanks for all the inspiration and yummy recipes! Looking forward to trying some ASAP!

    • Welcome, Elisa! Thanks for dropping in last night. 🙂 Thanks also for your kind compliments! About the photos: my husband and I are both full time professional photographers. Most of the blog photos are shot with a Nikon D300s and 60 mm macro lens, which is our “fun” camera right now, but we have an all Nikon DSLR system we use for work. All the post-prodcution work is done in Adobe Photoshop. To find Beyond Meat, head to the closest Whole Foods. The are the one national chain I’m sure carries it. If you’re not sure, please go to the Beyond Meat website and check their store locator with your zip code: That will be the tastes way to know where to grab some of their goodies. When you get to the store, the strips are in the fridge area and the beef less crumbles will be in the freezer area. It’s about $4-$5 a container, but you can find a coupon on the Beyond Meat website to try it. 🙂 I’m excited to hop over and check out your page ~ hope to see you stop in again! Gracias!

      • You guys, i tried Beyond Meat! (and printed/used your coupon link. thanks for that.) OMG!!! In love. I also brought a hearty wheat roll like you recommended and i held up just fine for a packed lunch 🙂 Thank you so much! I made mine topped with roasted onions, spinach and mushrooms. For my boyfriend, who eats dairy, I added some mozzarella cheese. SO good.

      • YAY!!! So glad you loved the Beyond Meat sandwiches! The roasted onions, spinach and shrooms sound delicious. We’re going to try that, too! Glad you liked the recipe and hope we can make another that you wanna try soon!! Gracias!

  4. Hi Rissa,

    Thank you for visiting with us at the Natural Products Expo West, it’s always a pleasure meeting like-minded people who share our passion for health and wellness.
    During the Expo we discussed blogging about our Eco Canister packaging. We’d love to send you some new products to sample and blog about. We’d also be happy to provide some of your followers with a giveaway prize for our Organic Vegan Protein as well.

    Let us know where we can ship our new products out to you and we’ll send it out ASAP.

    Peace & Love
    Jennifer with Raw Green Organics

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