Between Baltimore and Washington, there are many wonderful vegan and green events. When we can get there, we like to do a feature. When we can’t, we’ll write about in advance, so you can get there. This is an archive of those local events.

Adopt-A-Turkey, November 2011

Baltimore VegFest 2012

Cooking with Beer Class: Baltimore Vegan Drinks, March 2014

DC VegFest, September 2011

DC VegFest, September 2012

EcoFest/Baltimore, April 2014

Elegant Vegan Cooking with Chef John Shields: Baltimore Vegan Drinks, July 2014

HOME Slyce: Baltimore Vegan Drinks, July, 2013

Johnny Rad’s Pizza Tavern: Baltimore Vegan Drinks, January 2013

Joe Squared at Power Plant: Baltimore Vegan Drinks, June 2014

The Judge’s Bench: Baltimore Vegan Drinks, May 2013

The Land of Kush: Baltimore Vegan Drinks, February 2013

MeatOut 2014

Meet 27: Baltimore Vegan Drinks, August 2013

Meridian Pint: DC Vegan Drinks, February 2012

Objects Founds Jeweley Show, 2013

Orioles Game with Baltimore Vegan Drinks & Baltimore Green Drinks, August 2014

Pennsylvania Lavender Festival, 2013

Red Emma’s: Baltimore Vegan Drinks, Jan 2014

Sticky Rice: Baltimore Vegan Drinks, December 2012

Subway goes Vegan, Summer 2012, Ellicott City, MD & Washington DC

Vegan Living Program Preview, March -April 2014

Vegan Wine and Cheese Tours at Burleigh Manor Animal Sanctuary, June 2014

Vegtober Fest, October 2012

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