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Farm Day at Burleigh Manor!



Let’s face it. You can’t get a much better dining companion than a rescued alpine goat. Like this guy. He is happy to share your cookies, crackers, sandwich, fruit. Pretty much everything. Which is one of many good reasons to head out to the Day at the Farm on August 17th from noon to 4pm at Burleigh Manor Animal Sanctuary in Ellicott City. This special day is hosted by the sanctuary and your friends at Baltimore Vegan Drinks. Don’t be scared by the “vegan drinks” thing – this isn’t a drinking event (though you’re welcome to BYOB). It’s a family-friendly day where EVERYONE can enjoy their time on the farm together. Especially the goats. Tickets for children are FREE; adults pay $15 each and 100% of that money is for the animals.

alpie easts_lr

In addition to farm tours at noon and 3pm, there is a lot of other fabulous-ness happening! You are invited to pack your own veg-friendly picnic and BYOB to eat and lounge on the estate lawn. There will be a volleyball court set up, as well as a jumping castle for children. (Ahem… did you notice we recently hooked you up in a post a few days ago – with loads of picnic ideas! What a coincidence!)

So Delcious is providing a ton of vegan frozen treats, available for a donation to the sanctuary…

Picture 9 Picture 10


Do you prefer Tofutti Cuties? Not to worry – they’ve got those too. Both companies were excited to sponsor this fun, family-friendly picnic day!

Screen shot 2014-08-07 at 4.21.49 PM

But there’s more!  How about locally-made kombucha to drink and delicious krauts, kimchi and pickles from Hex Ferments? Yes, that’s right, you DID see them in Martha Stewart. They’re that darn good.

10442933_296854513815800_4662423394300417680_n 10553582_314454728722445_864389537121171525_n

Want more? Yes, there’s more. How about a variety of fun crafts, for both kids and adults? Kids can make piggy penny banks from upcycled water bottles. For kids and adults, make signs/plaques from upcycled barn wood! Great for kitchen decor like this sample or kids bedroom name signs – your imagination is the limit!

Picture 1 Picture 2

This cute “Animal Friendly Kitchen” sign was made by Gita Devi, from the Ginger Cat B&B. Thanks Git a- your ideas were good ones for crafts! 🙂 Join us at the farm to make your own sign like this!


You want give-aways? Duh! It’s the Bmore Vegan Drinks crew we’re talking about! OF COURSE there are FREE door prizes – for kids and adults – all you need to do to enter is SHOW UP! And there’s free, cute gear from Beyond Meat, too. Who can resist a cow keychain? First come, first to get the keychains and buttons.


Got a sweet tooth? Decorate a vegan cookie with Good & Kind Bakery! She will have various cute shapes available, as well as frosting and sprinkles. Fun for grown-ups and little ones. Everyone likes art you can eat! $3 for one, 2 for $5. Sounds like a project!!



Shop for later, too. Relay Foods will be set up to introduce folks to their local, organic and tasty produce and vegan goods. Personally, we can’t get enough of the locally made tofu and veggie burgers they have! YUM! Did we mention Relay also delivers to your door?

Screen shot 2014-08-07 at 4.39.35 PM

Screen shot 2014-08-07 at 4.39.20 PM


We’ve saved the best for last. Cuz Gene Baur is coming! Yep, the man himself will be there! He’s gonna be at Burleigh, hanging out and taking a tour. You can get him to sign a copy of his book, Farm Sanctuary: Changing Hearts and Minds About Animals and Food, as well – buy your copy at the event, so all funds go to the animals!

Screen shot 2014-08-07 at 4.20.05 PM

Screen shot 2014-08-07 at 4.20.34 PM

If you just can’t get enough Gene Baur at the end of the day, join him and the owners of Burleigh for a VIP Dinner. It’s $100 a plate and ALL proceeds from this event also go directly to the animals. The vegan, wheat-free meal will be prepared by Chef Sarah Dunn and includes – get ready for this – Chilled Carrot Bisque  garnished with chili infused oil, cashew cream, and chives;  Veggie Napoleon on a Lentil Cake with Sautéed Greens and Sweet Potato Mash, garnished with Fried Basil Leaf, Roasted Red Pepper Ribbons, Toasted Coconut, and Balsamic Glaze. For dessert, a Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie with Coconut Whip, Spun Sugar and Chocolate Drizzle. Wine for the meal is all vegan and organic, and donated by V-NO Wine Bar in Baltimore. Bite into that! Eurkea!



What’s that? You’re still on the fence? You need to get your ticket right now for a Day at the Farm with Baltimore Vegan Drinks at Burleigh Manor.  If all these awesome activities don’t inspire you, perhaps the residents of the farm will…


023_Burleigh_B 040_Wilber 050_Burleigh 095_Burleigh 124_Burleigh 140_Burleigh 145_Burleigh 192_Burleigh Lily2_lr

Now you’re wondering where that link was to get your ticket. We know. Here it is again$15 per adult, children are free. Noon to 4pm on Sunday August 17th. Rain or shine. And the Gene Baur VIP Dinner is at 5:30pm, $100 per plate; 8 seats remain. Don’t miss this one folks, it’s going to be amazing!



Vegan Drinks Day at the FarmPicnic_2_lr

Vegan Wine and Cheese – with some goats


We haven’t run into too many people who aren’t into wine and cheese parties. Even vegans. I mean, hey – you can make cheese from things other than animal milk. Like cashews, almonds, soy milk – you get the idea. Add into that a whole bunch of cutie-pie rescued farm animals and you have the recipe for a great event.

The folks at Burleigh Manor Animal Sanctuary had just such an idea. On June 28th and again on August 16th, they are hosting Vegan Wine and Cheese Tours, which include tastings and a tour of the farm to meet the animals. For families, there is the option for grape juice and cheese, as well.

Now, usually, I would go overboard posting adorable images of the horses, goats, sheep, pigs, cows, mules, chickens, donkeys and other residents at Burleigh to try and entice you to visit the farm for a tour. Their sweet faces are so precious, I don’t know how anyone can resist.

But this event has another star sharing the marquee – it’s the vegan cheese. These creamy delights are coming from several amazing donors – Treeline Artisanal Cheese, Teese Cheese (Chicago Vegan Foods); Chef Dora Siragua from La Cucina Vegana; Chef Kristin Linde from High Impact Vegan – and well, us! Don’t get me wrong, I am not lumping us with the others. We plan to make the blue cheese we posted two years ago as our contribution. nothing like a a nice sharp blue to offset a dry red wine, after all.

Enough of me blathering though… let me SHOW you how amazing these vegan cheeses are…


Fresh vegan mozzarella from Chef Dora.


Spreadable caper and olive vegan cheese from Chef Dora.


Treeline hard cheese wheels.


Treeline peppered cheese.


Teese cheese-ball.


And here’s that  blue cheese we made, with a recipe from the Melomeals blog.

With all this cheesy goodness, are you still deciding?

Do you really want me to post the cute critters, too? Yea… I know. At least a goat.


These fun-filled days will kick off with a guided tour of Burleigh where you will get to meet some animal friends. Be prepared to walk a bit and be sure to wear closed toed shoes that you don’t mind getting a little dirty. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and connect with the animals during the tour, so be prepared to have some fun.

After the tour,  the wine and cheese event will be on the lawn of the estate. There will be a few tables set up but please feel free to bring a blanket or small camp style chair to sit on and enjoy your snacks. Grape juice will be provided for children and adults who prefer not to drink. This event is rain or shine. If it does rain, the wine and cheese tasting will be moved to one of our indoor facilities.

Tickets are available online and there are 3 tours to choose from: 11am, 12:30pm and 2pm.

Alphie the goat hopes to see you there! He also hopes for some snacks…


Show some love to Cupig


It’s Valentine’s Day. And you are all set with your chocolate and dinner reservations. But why not really share the love? Local farmed animal sanctuary, Burleigh Manor in Ellicott City has many gorgeous critters you can adopt. You can’t actually take them home to snuggle, but for a reasonable cost you can help support one of these noble creatures. Your adoption donation helps with the animal’s feeding, bedding, shelter, vet care and heating costs over the winter. With all the snow and ice storms in the Maryland region, the pigs, horses, goats, cows, chickens, bunnies, mules and donkeys could really use the extra support.


For a one-time donation of  $15 for a bunny or chicken; $25 for a pig or goat (Cupig loves this idea!); $35 for a donkey or $50 for a horse, cow or mule,  your recipient will get a card in the mail from their adopted critter and can set up an appointment to visit if you are local to the area. These crucial sponsorships help pay for the animals’ feed, vet care, bedding, housing – and HEATING in the winter!

How can you say no to these faces? In the top photo, Moose and Cash, both mules rescued literally from a slaughterhouse; below, Jenny the donkey watches over shy Lil, the cow – both surrendered by owners who could not care for them, but didn’t want them sent to slaughter.


Cupig is actually Mabel. Here she is with her companion, Hamlet. Mabel was taken as a runt from a farmer at the county fair, escaping her fate at the stockyard. She’s very smart and can even unlock her pen and walk over to the main house to oink for food. Hamlet was purchased to be a pet and his family loved him, but the neighbors did not, so he had to be surrendered to the Sanctuary. He has found his forever home with Mabel, but still enjoys occasional walking on a lead around his new neighborhood, just like a pooch.


Won’t you share the love this Valentine’s Day and help a rescued animal? Visit the adoption page at Burleigh to pick out your new sweetie.

Rescuing Farm Animals: Burleigh Manor Sanctuary


There is a magical place hidden away in Ellicott City, a home for unwanted, neglected and abused farm animals. It’s called Burleigh Manor Animal Sanctuary and Eco-Retreat and it’s 10 1/2 acres of bliss for the 19 animals and 7 fowl that now live there. Lisa Davis, along with her husband, daughter and father live on the grounds of the estate, built in 1810. And the animal sanctuary is a new addition. They opened their doors in summer 2012 and the fields were full in just a few months – with horses, goats, pigs, mules and donkeys – as well as a few chickens, cats, bunnies and pooch, too.


Burleigh Manor operates as a non-profit, so volunteers, interns and other kinds of support are crucial to the animals. To help with the costs of the sanctuary, different areas of the estate are available for parties, meetings and social events. You can check out the wine cellars, club house, pool/pool house or tennis courts for your next occasion.


Even the resident goats enjoy the wine cellar, as you can see…  🙂

burl3_lrReally, though, Burleigh is all about the animals. They are the stars of the show and give heart to the small Sanctuary.  On any given day, you can catch the retired horses strolling in their fields, hang out with a friendly donkey, rub a piggie belly, or interact with a group of chickens.

You can sponsor any of the Burleigh animals, which is a fun & compassionate gift idea, too. The newly “adopted” animal will send your giftee a card with a photo, and the funds go toward their care, feeding and veterinary expenses.





Want to help in other ways? Burleigh keeps an online “wishlist” you can see, and they’re always open to ideas like bake sales and more. Just visit their “How Can I Help?” webpage.

If you are in the Ellicott City area tomorrow, Friday September 6, you need to swing by Burleigh for open house visiting hours from 4pm to 6pm! Nothing compares to meeting these incredible people and animals in person!

Boots are recommended, and you may bring apples or  carrots to feed the critters. Goats are extra hungry, so be sure to pack plenty! There is a $5 donation for the tour. Visit in person tomorrow or online anytime!

We want to say “Welcome!” to Lisa, her family and all the Burleigh animals! It is exciting to have these beautiful creatures so close to Baltimore and in a safe, supportive home! We will see you tomorrow!