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Blueberry Coconut Dog Cookies


You have a good dog. Your dog deserves a treat. Not just any treat, but a wholesome, delicious treat made with love by YOU! ┬áSomething packed with goodness, like antioxidant-rich blueberries and omega-laden flax seeds. Oh, and coconut, too. Coconut loves dogs as much as dogs love coconut! Enter Blueberry Coconut Dog Cookies.Blueberry1_lrThe beauty of making dog treats is how truly nonjudgmental pooches are. You don’t need fancy cookie cutters! Get a little over- or under-done? No thing. Your hound will give you an adoring look and you will know that you are BEST PERSON EVER. Just look how excited our greyhound is. We love making cookies for her. Your dog will truly appreciate your efforts in the kitchen.


Ready to get out your cookie sheets? Head on over to the Sister Eden blog, where we cross-posted this recipe. It’s really simple and all you need is a food processor or blender, and you’re in business. The ingredients go in, pulse a bit and the dough is done. Bake the cookies and – done! Release the hounds!