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ExpoFinds: Color Garden Natural Food Colors


Because I am over the age of 7, usually the idea of adding artificial food colors to anything I plan to consume makes my skin crawl. Sure, when I was younger, bright blue seemed a good color for cupcakes and I loved “green grass” on top of my farm-themed birthday cake as a child. But now I steer clear of things with “red number whatever” and when I want to make a festive dish that asks for food colors, I usually just skip it. Anyone who has eaten one of my holiday cakes had it covered in plain vanilla or chocolate icing. Yep, no red or green… until I wandered into the Color Garden at EXPO.

Color Garden is 100% plant based, non-GMO, gluten-free, allergen free food colors. Based in California, Color Garden is poised to bring the fun back to baking, with natural colors that can be used right out of the box for royal icings, buttercream, sanding sugar, candy coatings, cocktails and more.


Because these food colors are natural, they do not stain. No need to stress when little girls smear bright red frosting all over their shirts – the color will easily wash out. And if you decide to taste colors straight out of the box, your purple tongue will disappear after a single teeth brushing.  Color Garden natural food colors avert complications some children  (and adults!) experience when they eat too much artificial color. No more worry about sensitivities to FD&C Red 40 or FD&C Yellow 5! That means no temper tantrums or asthma attacks from fake dyes.

What we really liked about Color Garden is the huge range available. Plus we didn’t need to mix the colors ourselves. There are other natural food color systems on the market, and I tried them once, but was turned off at the extra step (and very non-precise instructions!) on making various colors.  A lot of those looked muddy to me. With Color Garden, the bright natural colors are mixed for you and ready to use. Whew – a lot easier for novice decorators like me!

If you want to buy Color Garden food colors, you can currently get them online from their retail page. They have regular color sets, as well as holiday sets for Halloween, Christmas and Spring.