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Festive Cranberry Cream Loaves


Growing up, my family had a Christmas morning tradition. We always ate a fun breakfast pastry. I remember not caring too much about the pastries, or the effort my mother took to prepare them, until I was a bit older. But it’s a tradition I have embraced and truly enjoy as an adult.

This recipe for Festive Cranberry Cream Loaves looks long – but if you can follow basic bread-making directions, you’ll be fine. And it’s worth the effort. Grab the ingredients on the last trip you make to the grocery and spend some time on Christmas Eve afternoon (that’s a mouth full!) making this gorgeous breakfast. It’s certainly enough to feed a crowd, but if your family is small, well – more for you! Cuz it’s no small task to eat just one slice of this! It’s the perfect companion to coffee, tea or cocoa and fits in well with gift-opening frenzies in your PJs or on an elegany holiday tablescape.

cranberry_lrWait – you’re looking for the recipe! Gotcha! It’s crossed posted today at the Sister Eden Blog, where we are guest vegan-writing. (I just made that phase up right now.) So click here to get the recipe and all the details. Enjoy!!

Both of us wish you and yours a safe, happy and healthy holiday! Here’s to a wonderful Christmas breakfast!