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Sweeties: Gnosis Raw Chocolate


Gnosis Raw Chocolate is definitely in its own category. This is the stuff. It will absolutely wow your Valentine. Made by hand in New York City, they offer TWENTY vegan, raw, organic chocolate bars. It’s quite an impressive array – and the flavor, texture and creativity are equally impressive.

We tried three kinds: Fleur de Sel, PommAcai and Mayan Heat.

Because the DH adores spicy food, Mayan Heat was first up. For those who like their chocolate HOT, the Mayan Heat bar pulls no punches!  Gnosis combines spices and herbs into cacao to support and quicken the heart and circluation. Cayenne increases metabolism and helps to open the heart, and warm you up during the winter months. Chipotle, cinnamon and nutmeg round out the spice in this bar, adding extra benefits for digestion and cleansing.

Gnosis1_lrThe Fleur de Sel bar offers up raw chocolate with three varieties of salt. Himalayan and Fleur de Sel salts provide 92 minerals, aid digestion, intensify deeper elements of cacao’s flavor profile, and play both sweet and salty on your tongue in an exquisitely balance.  Salt helps with digestion, is a strong natural antihistamine, and is essential for the prevention of muscle cramps. Fleur de Sel is naturally moist, and so fine it never touches machinery. Pink Himalayan salt comes from deep inside Tibet’s Himalayan Mountains, where it was deposited when the sea covered the area more than 250 million years ago. An elegant treat!

PommAcai is a bright, fruity bar that joins pomegranate and Amazonian acai berry with deeply healing raw organic cacao to provide the ultimate rejuvenating chocolate experience. The sweet fruit is tempered by rich cacao and leaves you refreshed and ready to face the world.

But Gnosis doesn’t stop there. They offer chocolate bars ranging from Cool Mint to Hazelnut to CocoAlmond to Turmeric to Nutmeg. Even more ~ they make trail mixes, spreads, supplements and elixir beverages. Basically, anything you could want to charm your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day.

Try Gnosis – they make superior vegan raw chocolates and other treats; are a small, woman-owned business; and support ethical sourcing for all their ingredients.

Ready to buy? Use their maps to find a store near you, or shop online directly from the Gnosis website.