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Harmony Acres Soap Company


You’ve heard of a #latergram on instagram, but is there a #laterpost on wordpress? Let’s say there is. Cuz this is a #laterpost but still so worth it.

A little while ago, we got these awesome vegan bath and beauty goodies from Harmony Acres Soap Company. They’re a small, family-owned business located in North Carolina. When they learned that skin absorbs 90% of what you put on it, they took matters into their own hands and began developing their line. They have a policy of integrity and consistency with no synthetic ingredients.


We sampled four of their delicious products: Lemongrass Lotion, Sweetgrass Body Butter (no longer on the website) and two scents of soap~ Appalachian Spring and Grapefruit de Pink.

Of all four items, we LOVED the lemongrass lotion. It’s beyond bright and refreshing, and as an unexpected bonus, it seemed to repel bugs when we were on the patio all summer. The lotion was light and clean, and it absorbed smoothly. Both of us were big fans of the soaps as well. The Grapefruit bar was the perfect way to wake up every morning – zesty and cheerful. The Appalachian Spring bar was earthier but not to the point of being overly masculine.

Harmony Acres Soap Company has expanded a lot since we bought our goodies. They now have a line of canine products, baby products, lip balms, natural deodorants, face moisturizers, beard oils, and outdoors-y stuff like poison ivy remedy.  A few of their items contain honey, so you will need to read ingredients. For the most part though, Harmony Acres Soap Co. has a LOT of very unique and effective vegan bath and beauty products. You can get the entire line by visiting their website. Happy scrubbing!