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Easy Bird Feeders


As it gets colder, our outdoor friends are looking for food and could use a little love from you, if you are so inclined!

Experts are still out on whether or not wild birds and critters like squirrels and rabbits need/benefit from supplemental feeding from people in cities and suburbs. But my own personal feeling is that since there’s not much to forage in the way of seeds, nuts, fruits, bugs over the winter, that maybe my wild friends could use a little extra chow. And it’s always fun to feed them, since we get to see them visit the feeders, and we can admire their beauty and cuteness.


On the Sister Eden blog, we recently posted directions on how to make lots of different kinds of feeders. Above, the pine cone with peanut butter and seeds is the simplest way to go. Chances are, you have everything in your kitchen already to make a feeder like this.


Paper roll feeders are also really easy to make and just about anyone can put one of these together, so it’s a great project for small children. You need three items: a cardboard paper roll (toilet paper, paper towels, gift wrap); peanut butter (or nut butter of choice); birdseed.

Peanut butter jar and soda bottle feeders are only slightly bigger projects. They require the container, something to make a perch from (dowel, stick, wooden spoon, etc.), a wine cork and twine – as well as bird seed.  Both also require a knife to cute holes, so it’s better for older children or adults. These projects can be easily made into bird house, as well – just a few different adjusments and you can make shelter for small birds for the the winter.



twoliter_lrBe sure to visit our longer cross-post on Sister Eden for full instructions to make these easy, inexpensive, upcycled bird feeders for your outside friends this winter! Also, be sure to check the links on the post, so you can see what kind of seeds birds and wildlife in your region like best.