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Pack a Picnic


Summer is winding down, but there’s still plenty of time for picnicking! What to pack in your basket..? There are so many options. No need to settle for a tired container of hummus and some chips. Try one of our fun summer recipes. We’ve got a fiesty potato salad to rev things up, chickpeas and broccoli to fill your wrap, tofu BBQ with slaw, a gluten-free take on tabbouleh and a crunchy snack mix on the side. Throw a few cookies or some fruit into the basket as well, and you’re all set for a yummy day of outdoor eating!

Buffalo Potato Salad

Ready for an update on the classic? Try our Buffalo Potato Salad. We took the usual and amped it up a bit. There are still chunky of yummy potato and the traditional celery and carrot, but we’ve tossed in some buffalo sauce, white miso and pepitas to give this summertime staple a new life. Red pepper, green onions and spices round out the recipe. Click on over to Sister Eden’s blog to check it out. This is sure to please the fellows who go for buffalo-whatevers, as well as anyone who likes a fiery kick to their food.


Spicy Broccoli Chickpea Salad

You may have noticed, we like it hot around here. Some people even say that spicy food keeps you cooler in summer heat. While I have no idea if that’s true or not (anyone?), I can tell you for sure that this Spicy Broccoli Chickpea Salad is very tasty and makes great filling for a tortilla, pita,  lettuce wrap or sandwich. Can’t stand the heat? No problemo. Just leave the hot sauce out. This recipe is versatile and you can still enjoy the garbanzo beans and veggies with just the plain dressing.  This recipe is also living on Sister Eden’s blog and is just a click away from joining your picnic basket!


 BBQ Tofu Sandwiches with Carrot-Dill Slaw

BBQ and slaw pretty much scream “summer food to eat outdoors.” In this recipe, the BBQ is warm with a spicy bite from cayenne and horseradish. The slaw cools things down with dill and crunchy cabbage. You can make both parts individually, or keep ’em together, and they are a tasty way to stuff a sandwich or wrap. Making the slaw ahead will really give the flavors a chance to combine.  Sister Eden is keeping it real with this recipeclick on over to check it outtofuBBQ_dhbg_lr.


Quinoa Tabbouleh Salad

Everyone knows tabbouleh salad. It’s bright, refreshing and a great side or even a sandwich filler. But traditional tabbouleh salad is made with wheat, so if you’re wheat or gluten free, you may be missing this scrumptious dish. No more. Try our redo made with quinoa. It has a similar texture and flavor profile. Pile on the tomatoes, cukes, parsley, mint, lemon and spices and it is just like you remember. We also added some surprises, like artichoke hearts, to really update this tasty salad. Check out the recipe with Sister Eden.



Munchie Mix

Everyone knows how it feels to be munchie. This snack mix duo is great as a side, or in the car or when you’re running around the campground/beach/amusement park/pincic area – where ever! We gave the old school square cereal mixes a vegan makeover with some more modern flavor profiles: Mexicali and “Bacon” BBQ. Be sure to make a double batch of whichever you decide on, cuz these will disappear quickly. We even tested them on picky young eaters – and both were a hit! This is easy to make gluten-free, as are both of the above salads, so the recipes are safe for GF eaters, too. Get your Munchie Mix on by viewing the recipes on Sister Eden’s post.


So are you ready to head outdoors for a picnic? You’ve got potato salad, chickpea wraps and snack mix ready to go.  Want more tasty picnic ideas? Check out these posts from the past…. one or more is sure to please your picnicking crew! See you outside!

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