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Handle with Eco Gloves


Not sure where you are reading from, but here in Baltimore, winter can be COLD. Okay, so today is like 62-degrees. but that’s weird for December. Just a few nights ago, it was 19-degrees. Which brings me to GLOVES.  Whenever it’s time to get bundled up, I feel a little like the younger brother in the movie “The Christmas Story” – the one so wrapped in layers of clothes and scarves he can’t get up when he falls in the snow?

Over time, I have learned there are better, more stylish and greener bundling options when it comes to gloves.

Like these arm warmers.  They were handmade in San Francisco by Sachiko Morino. They’re created from a blend of bamboo and organic cotton, with 3% spandex for stretch. You can handwash or machine-wash on gentle. They’re drip-dry and available in a variety of colors. And they are wonderful for layering! All for $27.  Sachiko makes a lot of other items in bamboo-cotton blends too, like skirts, tops and shrugs.


These arm warmers are actually designed for dancers to wear during practice, however, they are super for putting under itchy sweaters, making a favorite tee “long-sleeved” in winter and generally just making you comfy in cold weather! They wash well and have maintained their shape and color over the past year (I have black and red). Super idea, Sachiko – and thanks for using sustainable fabrics!

Looking for something more “outer wear”? How about recycled cotton? These cuties are made in the USA and are created from pieces leftover in the garment-industry process. Basically, cotton scraps that would otherwise end up in a landfill. We got ours from Fair Indigo, a  catalog/website selling “style with a conscience,” but you can also buy them directly from the designers at green3apparel in Wisconsin. green3apparel‘s unique process uses unwanted material to make a great product (ours are 2 years-old and going strong), and saves land, water and energy. Brilliant!

There are glove options with peace signs, stripes, hearts and phones. The scarves by green3apparel come with birdies, doggies, trees, plain and more. We’re into it. 🙂 So log onto Fair Indigo (they have lots of other chic eco outer-wear!) or green3apparel to get your hands warmed up for winter.

Cuz baby, it’s cooolldd outside. (Sort of. Maybe where you are!)