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Happy Holidays 2014!


It’s here. The holiday season is upon us, and no matter how you celebrate, you’re likely feeling the crush and joy that is December! Once again we find ourselves traveling this year, but just before we dash out the door, we have a few goodies for you!

Getting together with family for Christmas? We have a great, simple and very inexpensive project that kids and adults can enjoy together. Just grab a few twigs and make ornaments! It’s kind of addicting, actually. We found ourselves making more and more of these little cuties!

Complete directions and more ideas are cross-posted on the Sister Eden blog.


What about Santa? No worries. We’ve got him covered too. Just whip up a batch of our Sparkling Mint Chip Cookies! These are another fun, easy way to spend a day off from school or work. And we guarantee that the joy old elf will love to find a try of these sweets when he visits on Christmas Eve! Just leave them out with a glass of almond milk. Yum!  Click over to Sister Eden to get the recipe.


You’ve gotta have love for the whole family, of course. Like your canine companion! While you’re in the kitchen why not plan to mix up a batch of these Sweet Potato and Coconut Dog Treats? After all, everyone likes to share in the holiday fun. Click here to find our recipe.

Need a last minute gift? We’ve got you covered. Just grab a selection of beans from a local grocer and a few jars, and you’re set to make 15 Bean Soup in a jar! It’s super simple to pull together and the recipe makes about ten jars of soup mix. Give the gift of great health and a happy supper to those you love. Below the photo is a recipe card you can print out for instructions to your giftees. For full soup-in-a-jar mix directions, click over to Sister Eden’s blog.



It’s important to remember that December 24th is also the last night of Hanukkah this year too. We’re loving Stuffed Latkes! This recipe is chock full of yumminess with Beyond Meat Beefy Crumbles and veggies. Yea, it’s fried too. But the Festival of Lights is a joyous celebration and you can deal with the calories on this special occasion. These vegan latkes are best served fresh as made, so get some friends over to you house and make a whole mess of these tasty potato pancakes! Again, we posted this recipe on Sister Eden, so she’s got the goods waiting for you. Just click on over




Need a main dish that’s going to blow all the non-vegan relatives out of the water on Christmas? Try our Holiday Lentil Loaf. It’s not difficult and the flavors are amazing. White wine, herbs, pecans and miso make a savory and delicious combination. We doubt you will have leftovers, but if you do, turn slices into sandwiches. Eureka!



We wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season, no matter how you celebrate! Thank you for spending 2014 with us and we’re excited to continue posting recipes, reviews and loads of cute animals photos for you in 2015!

Happy Everything! from the Dirty Hippie & Bohemian Girl