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The Gratitude Tree Craft Project


You can make a centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table – using free leaves, a stick, a wire coat hanger and twisty ties. For real. All you need is a little imagination, and these simple materials become a gorgeous Gratitude Tree: a reminder of all that your family is grateful for as you dine together on November 27th.


The directions for this easy project are cross-posted over at the Sister Eden blog. It’s super for kids, grown-ups, couples and grandparents in families of all shapes and sizes. Everyone can collect and press leaves. Everyone can add what they’re grateful for.

GratTreeC_lrThere are only a few technical parts – like pressing leaves and making the base.  Click over to the Sister Eden post and get the instructions and get started today! You’ll need to collect pretty leaves first, and dry them in a heavy book.

GratTreeBThe real fun begins when you start writing what you’re grateful for. You may get going and find you run out of leaves! Which is a wonderful problem, to have so many good things you’re thankful for!

Wishing you many blessings for a wonderful holiday and may your Gratitude Tree be filled with good wishes, love and excellent health~