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Stomping Ground: Stickyfingers


Everyone knows Sticky Fingers Sweets & Eats, right?  It’s nestled in a cute space at 1370 Park Rd. NW, Washington DC 20010. They’re open seven days a week. Formerly known as Sticky Fingers Bakery, this shop came to fame via Food Network. That’s right – a vegan bakery took on Cupcake Wars and WON.

Owner Doron Petersan is a cupcake master. Her tasty creations brought vegan baking into view of the masses. Her very public victories on national television made vegan food even more legit to those same viewers.

But we knew all along. 🙂 Stop by Sticky Fingers any afternoon and the place is packed. The decor is fun, quirky and retro. You can buy vegan chocolate bars and marshmallows out of an unplugged fridge. There are calendars on the wall showing off Pin-Ups for Pitbulls. Oh – good luck finding a seat. Locals are always around, vegan or not, to partake in the excellent food.

Now, we always love sweets and baked goods. No arguments about that. But we want to give props to the savory food at Sticky Fingers. Yep – you can get a full meal there and the savories are so delicious, we are hopeful that Doron’s next cook book might be on this topic.

This plate of vegan Biscuits and Gravy with Tofu Scramble is worth rolling out of bed for on a lazy Sunday. The biscuits are just like your southern-grandma used to bake (if you had one, of course) – flaky and  buttery, yet melt-in-your-mouth light. The gravy is hearty and rich. You will be sopping it ALL up, trust me! Allow me to take this moment to say – there are bad tofu scrambles out there. This one is great & flavorful, though. So take heart – its not a pile of jiggly, unseasoned tofu that someone warmed up. The tofu scramble at Sticky Fingers sticks to your ribs and fills you up.

Continuing on the savory path, we’d like to recommend the “Tuna” Sandwich. This isn’t on the daily menu, so you’ll need to catch a special if you want to reel one in. The sandwich has a distinct flavor of the sea, but it’s not fishy. A wonderful lunch paired with one of Sticky Fingers‘ Cowin Cookies or Brownies.

The Breakfast Burrito is another favorite. This not-so-little wrap is crammed with fresh salsa, tender black beans,  Daiya cheese, spinach and the shop’s signature Tofu Scramble. Good stuff. And we liked it any time of day, though this is another item on the weekend brunch menu. Brunch is served on Saturdays and Sundays until 2:30pm.

No trip to Sticky Fingers can be complete, though, without SWEETS!

On any given day, the bakery’s signature cupcakes are awaiting your arrival – Classic Vanilla, Peanut Butter Fudge, Strawberry Creme, Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Cookies-N-Cake, Raspberry, Tiramisu and Coconut are some of the lusty flavors you can partake in. Come on, folks – these are THE cupcakes that won over Food Network. You just gotta have one. Or one dozen. Flavors change daily, so check on their FB page for updates.  There are always gluten-free cupcakes too.

But honestly, we dream of the other sweets… things like Cowvin Cookies. Sticky Buns. Cheesecakes. Mousse Cake. There are even fresh-baked vegan dog cookies for your four-legged companion to drool over.

The DH would walk across the continent for a Cowvin Cookie. No joke. They’re vegan versions of everyone’s childhood favorite, Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies. For me, it’s all about the Cheesecake. No contest. It’s rich, smooth and decadent. Though I do love a Sticky Bun with a cup of tea…

Sticky Fingers and owner Doron Petersan are local vegan treasures. Not only can you get tasty, incredible vegan sweets and eats at Sticky Fingers, you can also meet a living legend! Doron has given so much to the vegan community with her appearances on Food Network, as well as her animal advocacy events, public cooking demos, and best-selling cook book, Sticky Fingers’ Sweets: 100 Super Secret Vegan Recipes.  (See our book report here, we loved the book!) She is actually hosting an event TONIGHT, Thursday January 16th, to raise funds for the Washington DC Humane Society. It’s a Yappy Hour – so you can bring your pooches!

Visit Sticky Fingers Sweets & Eats at 1370 Park Rd. NW, Washington DC 20010. Their number is (202) 299-9700 if you want to call and check on hours of operation.

Can’t make it to DC? No problemo. You can find Sticky Fingers sweets all over the Maryland/Virginia region and you can even order many items online.

Now… about that Sticky Bun… Mmmm!

Eat Vegan Treats


There are many excellent vegan bakeries. Each one possesses skill, creativity and bakes little pieces of pure joy. But beyond that, hovering in a space all their own, is a shop in Bethlehem, PA. The sort of place that people talk about with the fondness of a beloved favorite lover. Vegan Treats. This vegan bakery has seen a lot of press – even American Express has recognized and named them one of the top ten bakeries in the world!

To call Vegan Treats “amazing” or “delicious” is  a dramatic understatement. My vocabulary hasn’t the reach to take you to the bliss you can experience with these confections. It isn’t just that non-vegans would be “fooled” by these creations. It’s so much more. I think ANY person who like sweets would DEVOUR the offerings from Vegan Treats.  Yes, it’s true. All those goodies you see are divine, sinful, VEGAN. Chocolate brownie chunk cheesecake, mousse cakes, chocolate-encased marshmallow cake. Yes, Vegan Treats truly is the 8th wonder of the world, just as their website claims…


The shop is unassuming from the outside. A fun pink sign greets you and inside, you can feel the funkiness  with their animal-print decor and old-fashioned bar stools. The day we visited, the place was quiet, sort of like Bethlehem itself. But the gals behind the counter weren’t at all surprised to learn we drove from Maryland. They explained that customers pile in from Philly, New York, D.C., Baltimore – and even further!

We love that this bakery isn’t just vegan, but also committed to conservation. They source their ingredients with environmental responsibility in mind and explain the impact of animal agriculture on the ecosystem on their website, even how it extends to wildlife and the air & water all living things need.  Thanks for sharing this info with the world, Vegan Treats! We wish everyone knew these facts.


It’s difficult to really pick a favorite item at Vegan Treats. But we have a few! The chocolate donuts are remarkable. They will remind you of your childhood and the boxed Hostess-grocery-store kinds. They called them “chocolate-glazed.”  Another item of true wonder: the vegan cannoli! You may have thought such and item could never convert to vegan, but alas, here it is. These can be made with or without chocolate dip. We like them both ways.  The DH adores chocolate and peanut butter. Like this chocolate PB-Cup cheesecake. And for me – I love cookies with my daily hot tea. So sign me up for the oatmeal banana chocolate chip! This cookie, by the way, was huge! The photo barely conveys the true diameter and depth. It was four portions for me.


Really, though… it’s not fair to play favorites. Because this carrot cake is fantastic. And what about this sticky bun? It was the size of your head and slathered in nutty, gooey, cinnamon heaven. Don’t forget the blueberry crumble bars, either. They were magnificent.


Death by Chocolate, anyone? This deep, dark, rich little guy was true decadence. Yes, you will need coffee or soy milk on the side, cuz the cocoa experience is intense.


Browsing the cases, still? Well why wouldn’t you be? 🙂 Black-bottom cupcakes, petit-fours, cookies and candies beckon…


And, yes – they do sell merchandise. You can proudly sport your Vegan Treats love to the entire world. Teeshirts, hoodies and bags are available – and these cute panties, which are wrappers for an entirely different kind of vegan treat. Ahem.


If a trip to Bethlehem, PA is not in your future, you can find a selection of Vegan Treats at Busboys & Poets in the D.C. area or order online to have something shipped. They have a large menu, and additionally offer pies, brownies, wedding cakes, whoopie pies, truffles, custards, shortbreads and soft-serve ice cream – as well as gluten-free versions of many of their originals, including brownies, cookies and pastry.

Ready to make your pilgrimage? Vegan Treats is located  1444 Linden Street, Bethlehem, PA 18018. Their hours are posted online or give them a call at (610) 861-7660.