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Baltimore Vegan Drinks @ Toss, November 12th


Ready for vegan pizza? Yes, we are too! On Wed. November 12th Baltimore Vegan Drinks will meet at Toss Pizzeria, 5716 York Rd, Baltimore, MD 21212, from 7pm to 9pm. Toss offers A-MAZ-ING vegan pizza, with fresh, house-made crusts and sauces. Our personal favorite is Voodoo’s Roasted Eggplant – with Daiya cheese, roasted eggplant, roasted red peppers, black olives and herb-garlic sauce. Get a large, you will want leftovers!


Toss is located in Baltimore City, near the Belvedere Square Market. There is free parking in the back, and on-street parking is free after 6pm.


But Toss isn’t just yummy pizzas. They also have calzones, pasta dishes, appetizers, huge salads and delectable veggie sandwiches with house-made foccacia rolls.



Come on down. We’ll be there, as well as a few dozen of your other vegan Bmore pals. We will save you a seat. But, um, no promises on the pizza. I can’t promise to save you a slice of heaven. Sorry!


In case you needed a little more temptation… how about¬† the ‘shroom pizza, all loaded with Daiya and spinach and red peppers?¬† Eurkea! Toss also has vegan, gluten-free crust available and this event is BYOB, so bring your favorite. The restaurant carries Honest Tea, Simply Juices, Odwalla juices and soda, so mixers are ready to go.


Toss Pizzeria, 7pm to 9pm on November 12th. Baltimore Vegan Drinks. Be there… or be seriously bummed out because you missed it.

Baltimore Vegan Drinks @ Red Emma’s – Jan. 28th


Baltimore Vegan Drinks is back up and running for 2014! The first event will be at the new location of Red Emma’s in downtown Baltimore. The space is HUGE and very cool, located at 30 W. North Ave. Parking is available on-street (free after 6pm) or at the pay-lot on Maryland Ave. one block away.


First and foremost, Red Emma’s is a coffee house. Yes, this almond-milk latte was as good as it looks. The folks at Red Emma’s even roast their own coffee beans on-site!


Now, about the food… This is vegan LOX on an everything bagel with loads of veggies and capers. Before visiting Red Emma’s, we had never even heard of vegan lox.


The best-selling item at Red Emma’s is their cheesecake. It’s creamy, dreamy and in this case, smothered in a sweet cranberry topping.


The vegan powerhouse is another staple menu item. Always delicious, always hearty.


Each day Red Emma’s offers a different soup. This is Greek Five-Bean, served with gluten-free & vegan corn muffins. Perfect on a winter day!


What’s that you say? Vegan pesto? Smeared all over toasty baguette slices? Yes, please!


Red Emma’s tasty pesto also finds a tasty home on the Malapesto Sandwich, featuring tomatoes and vegan cheese, shown here on a grilled bagel.


Tofu Bahn Mi anyone? You gotta try the lemongrass tofu on this one. Eureka.


Let’s show off the desserts a little more… First a chocolate coconut cake. Then a gluten-free mocha chocolate cake. All vegan, all made in-house.



Red Emma’s in special in other ways too. They are a cooperatively owned business with a social mission to bring ethical living, eco-awareness and justice to all. We’re all for that. And we’d like to say we’re deep because we love this mug – but really, our big struggle was deciding how many menu items we could eat at one sitting.


There’s a super bookstore on the grounds too – they even have great vegan titles.





Don’t miss this terrific event! Baltimore Vegan Drinks at Red Emma’s will be from 7pm to 9pm on Tuesday January 28th. It’s free to attend and all ages are welcome. Specials will be announced on Facebook close to the day-of, including coffee cocktails and wine/beer offerings. See you there!