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Happy Spring Holidays


It’s Easter weekend and Passover has started. Happy Spring Holidays to you all! For us, today is about spending time away from work, enjoying family. And enjoying family traditions. So quickly, we want to share a few with you!

Growing up, my mom usually MADE all our Easter basket candy. Amazing, right? I loved it then, but I appreciate it even more now. All my chocolate bunnies and peanut butter eggs were lovingly crafted by hand. Turns out, as I got older, making chocolate candies became a tradition I have enjoyed carrying on and even updating.

DH_Easter_lrBeing vegan, not all the old family candy recipes really worked. So we’ve updated them. Also threw in a few healthier ingredients, too. My peanut butter eggs  are sweetened with dates, not white sugar.  They are just as delicious and your family won’t miss a step, as dates puree into a caramel-esque creaminess. That recipe is posted on Sister Eden.  Mom also made Chocolate Nests. I switched the recipe to include granola, for extra crunch and fiber – and to give it a “nest-y” look and also use unsweetened coconut flakes, since the chocolate coating has enough sweetness for the entire candy. That recipe is features on Sister Eden as well as my vegan Crisp Rice Treats, another Easter favorite. All three of these recipes are very easy – don’t be scared by the idea of working with chocolate. They’re also great for kids to help with.

Passover is another holiday rich with traditions. We are proud to offer up our dear friend Emily’s family recipe for Haroseth this spring. In the story told by food on the Passover Seder plate, Haroseth is representative of the mortar used to build the pyramids.

DH_haroseth_lrIt is a sweet apple mash-up, soaked in wine and eaten with matzo crackers or sometimes, even as part of breakfasts during the week of Passover. Emily explained that until teaching us the recipe, she had never written it down. It was more of a method that she learned as a girl and has always known. Haroseth was (and still is) a popular dish with her two daughters, who love the balance of flavors – and perhaps the wine!

We hope you will try these great spring recipes for Easter candy and Passover Haroseth – and we wish you and yours a very happy spring holiday weekend!

Sweeties: Crispy Cat Bars


There is something to be said for chewy, gooey candy bars. Not just chocolate bars – those are more like solid chocolate. But candy bars – the kind with something stretchy and sugary enrobed in sweet chocolate.

We recently found Crispy Cat bars. They are vegan, 100% organic, gluten-free, non-GMO and kosher. Crispy Cats are also big on flavor and fun. They’re going to remind you of the candy bars you ate as a child.


The crunch comes from brown rice crisp and the bars’ other ingredients are highly recognizable, like organic dark chocolate, brown rice syrup, tapioca, agave syrup and coconut or almonds. Crispy Cats come in two flavors: Mint Coconut and Toasted Almond. Let’s be real, we inhaled BOTH flavors, but there was a slight preference for the toasted almond.

Crispy Cat bars are made by NuGo, a company based in Pittsburgh, PA. They  never use hydrogenated oils or trans fats in their products and never use waxy vegetable fat compounds in place of real, delicious chocolate. NuGo is committed to creating healthy snacks. 

You can buy boxes of bars directly from NuGo’s website, but the company has a store locator online and you can see where Crispy Cats are prowling in your neighborhood. We got ours locally at Wegman’s in Maryland. Other chains that carry them include Whole Foods and the Vitamin Shoppe. Also, check out the The Vegan Store online and Amazon.com – both online sources for Crispy Cats.

These candy bars really are purrrr-fect. (Hee hee… had to say that!)




Sweeties: Rescue Chocolate


Chocolate is a serious topic round these parts, and we have to say, Rescue Chocolate is a habit worth adopting. Speaking of adoption, 100% of their profits are donated to animal rescue organizations!! Yes, you read that correctly – 100% donated! Ahem. Don’t act like you’re not impressed!

Rescue1_lrEach flavor highlights a different rescue-related issue: Peanut Butter Pit Bull (crispy peanut butter and chocolate, countering the negative public image of the pit bull-type dogs); Forever Mocha (hazelnut praline and coffee, highlighting ways to help people make and honor a lifetime commitment to their pets); Foster-iffic Peppermint (dark chocolate with peppermint, highlighting the need for people to provide foster care for shelter animals as they await their forever homes); Mission Feral Fig (fig, cranberry, almond, and spices, highlighting the humane solution for feral cats, TNR); The Fix (plain 72%, highlighting the importance of spay and neuter); Fakin’ Bacon (smoky, sweet and salty, a salute to farm animal sanctuaries and compassionate gourmands); and Pick Me Pepper (sweet ’n spicy dark chocolate with peppers, highlighting the advantages of choosing pets from animal shelters instead of breeders or pet stores). There are also smaller candies like the Bow Wow Bon Bons and Wild at Heart Raspberry-Filled Chocolates, plus seasonal goodies. Right now there are chocolate bunnies waiting to hop into your Easter basket, as well as Passover cashew-clusters.

Not only are these candies bringing attention to animal rescue, they are freakin’ delicious – and eco-friendly!! The chocolate is organic and fair trade, and all bars are certified kosher. Wrappers are recyclable and they use biodegradable peanuts for shipping.

Rescue Chocolate was founded in January 2010 and is based in Brooklyn, NY. Each month a different animal rescue organization is selected to receive a donation from chocolate sales.The list of animal rescues that has been helped by Rescue Chocolate is truly incredible! I’d post it here, but you’re be scrolling for ages. When you have an hour to read them all (okay, maybe ten minutes), you can click here. You will see breed-specific dog groups, SPCAs, Humane Societies, No-Kill shelters, farm animals sanctuaries and more.

Rescue2_lrAll this talk about what a good thing you’ll be doing when you eat Rescue Chocolate almost made me forget – this stuff is ssooo tasty!! We’ve eaten each flavor by itself and we love using the Foster-iffic Peppermint in coconut ice cream.

Where can you find these wonderful bars, you ask? At the moment, you’re going to need to go online if you are in Maryland like us. Buy directly from Rescue Chocolate or use their handy reference to see if any of the stores selling their sweeties are close to you.