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Garlic Cream Sauce


Sometimes a fancy tasting recipe can be really easy to make. This is one of those. The secret is all in the garlic. You’ve got to roast it. There’s no shortcut. But really, that’s easy too. Just follow the directions from our previous post! The roasted garlic gives this simple sauce a level of unexpected flavor and sophistication that will make pizzas, pastas and sandwiches really come alive!



Four entire bulbs garlic, roasted (see our post on how to do this from 2011)
One container vegan cream cheese, room temperature (we used Daiya plain)
4 or 5 Tbls. white miso (we used Westbrae Mellow Miso )
Pinch white pepper and salt, to taste

Roast garlic per Natural Nick’s method¬†(from our blog, 2011), and allow to cool to room temperature.

In a food processor or blender, squeeze all four bulbs of garlic into the processor/blender container. ¬†Don’t add any skins, but get all the garlic in you can. Add soften vegan cream cheese, white miso and a pinch of white pepper. (Add salt if you want, we usually think the miso is salty enough.) Blend together until completely incorporated and smooth. It will be a pale tan color with soft flecks from the roasted garlic.

There are many wonderful uses for this sauce. We like it on pizzas, just smear some on a crust and bake. It’s also great tossed through warm pasta and veggies, or on the inside of wrap or sandwich. Liven up a morning bagel with some garlic cream sauce, too. Easy and versatile!