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Sweeties: Kakosi Nibbles


Do you like Nerds? Imagine chocolate Nerds. That are good for you. In a cute tin that you could carry in a purse, laptop case or even your pocket. That’s Kakosi Nibbles.


If you like chocolate covered espresso beans you’ll love this alternative. Raw cacao nibs enrobed in dark chocolate are a sweet, tasty and healthy choice. Yes, the middle of these little darlings is 100% cacao and 100% crunchy. A unique chocolate treat!kakosi2_lr

Available in 51% and 71% dark chocolate, Kakosi Nibbles are unadalterated raw cacao. They’ve got antioxidant flavonoids, and magnesium and are sourced by Ameriken Green company, using single-origin organic certified Criollo beans from the forests of Venezuela. The nibs are coated in rich, vegan, organic dark chocolate.

Ameriken Green is a cool company, too. They are devoted to fair trade, ethical practices, conservation, recycling/recyclable packaging, community sharing and hand crafted goods.

This would be a great little Valentine for folks you share a cubicle with, your siblings, teen-age or college friends, or just anyone who you want to share a little, you know, nibble of chocolate with.

Want to find Kakosi Nibbles?  Kakosi Nibbles has an online locator map. Type in your city and find the yumminess. We picked ours up at a local coffee shop, where it was in a display by the counter. Try online too – we found several independent companies were offering these tiny chocolates.


Sweeties: Divvies Chocolate


Sharing is caring. Which is a great way to go for your Valentine – a chocolate bar you can truly share. 🙂

Divvies chocolate bars are already marked to split in half. Yes, it’s true, the half marked “mine” is a bit bigger than the half marked “yours.” Ahem. But if you’re a kind person and you gift this bar to someone, then it looks like you plan to eat the smaller half. If you’re a kind person…

divvies_lrWe tested out the Divine Chocolate and Benjamint Crunch. Both dark chocolate varieties were smooth and tasty. Definitely a thumbs-up for Valentine’s Day. Divvies chocolates are ALL 100% free of nuts, dairy and eggs. So aside from the bars, you even have the option to try chocolate hearts, a chocolate dinosaur and rock candies.

Divvies also makes cupcakes, popcorn and cookies – which are vegan.

If you want to find Divvies, use their store locator to see if a Whole Foods or Giant near you has the goods. If not, buy online directly from the company!

Sweeties: Creme-Filled Endangered Species Chocolate


It’s the week of Valentine’s Day. We’re going all chocolate-all the time. That’s right – we’re going to highlight chocolate every day until we share seven vegan candies you can enjoy this Valentine’s.

I mean, is there really a better thing to get from your Valentine? And while chocolate can certainly be romantic, you can share chocolate with a friend, neighbor, co-worker, sibling, child – anyone really. It’s just a delectable sweet perfect for any sweetie!

First out of the gate this holiday is a newer offering from Endangered Species Chocolate. We wrote about them before, back in May of 2012, and mentioned many of the company’s awesome attributes, such as how they donate 10% of net profits to support endangered wildlife. Their chocolate is also Rainforest Alliance Certified, Non-GMO, ethically traded and gluten free.

And now, they are offering a line of creme-filled bars. Yes. You are seeing correctly – vegan creme-filled dark chocolate bars.

CremeChoco1_lrThese heavenly bites come in a variety of flavors: Sea Salt & Lime, Almond Butter, Coconut, Blueberry Vanilla, Orange Raspberry and Lavender Mint.  We have thus far only found the Filled bars at Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppes, and other natural foods stores. You can also get them online from Amazon.comCremeChoco2_lrThe DH and I, as well as a few friends, sampled three of the filled Endangered Species bars. The chocolate is smooth and lush, and melts evenly with each bite. The creme filling isn’t gooey, like the Easter candy you grew up with, but the soft texture compliments the richness of the chocolate and combines in your mouth perfectly.

And after all, if you can help animals AND eat chocolate, that seems like a pretty great combination for any Valentine!

ExpoFinds: Evolved Caramel Coconut Cups


The Natural Products Expo East had no shortage of chocolate, but to end up on the list, things had to be spectacular. Like eatingEVOLVED’s Dark Chocolate Caramel & Sea Salt Coconut Butter Cups.

Having been vegan for almost 20 years, I had long since given up on caramel. After all, it’s pretty tough to create caramel without dairy. I’ve crossed paths with a few other vegan caramels over time, and yes, they were awesome – but after one bite of eatingEVOLVED‘s confection, I knew this little New York-based company had struck caramel-gold.

These Caramel & Sea Salt Coconut Butter Cups are vegan, soy free, cane sugar free and fair trade. How in the world do they do it, you ask? How do they make a soy-free, vegan caramel middle? We wondered that too, especially since the ingredient list is so short: organic coconut, organic cacao, organic cacao butter, organic maple sugar and Himalayan sea salt. But the gentleman I talked to at EXPO said the secret is all in the coconut and maple, and of course the method.

caramelcups_lrLet me tell you, whatever the secret method is, it WORKS and the resulting caramel cup is INCREDIBLE! Maybe the folks at eatingEVOLVED made a deal with the devil or something. But it’s damn tasty. The middle has sugary warmth and melts beautifully in your mouth. Just perfect – dark chocolate and vegan caramel.

eatingEVOLVED makes other confections too – in the line of “cups” they also have Classic Coconut Butter Cups and Mint Creme Cups. They also have Primal Bars, which are vegan as well and some that are 100% cacao content, including Fig & Almond bars and Midnight Coconut bars. Yum!

The philosophy at eatingEVOLVED is that chocolate is food, not candy-crap. All eatingEVOLVED chocolate is free of gluten, dairy, or soy (that’s right, no soy lecithin!). They use the fewest ingredients physically possible to create chocolate. No junk, no fillers, just the highest quality, Fair-Trade cacao lightly sweetened with organic maple sugar. Amazing!

Currently, you can purchase these wonderful chocolates online from the eatingEVOLVED website. They also list retailers that sell their wares at this link. Hopefully, they will soon be available, well, everywhere!

ExpoFinds: Sibu Sura Chocolate


Sibu Sura Chocolates are another local company we were excited to find at EXPO. They’re based in Myersville, Maryland and their line of Fair Trade chocolates are insanely decadent and are from a single-source origin in Peru.

With one bite, you know you’ve found something quite special. Sibu Sura’s Funky Bars are not simply flavorful, they are soulful. The richness of the chocolate is so potent, you can almost inhale it as the delicate confection melts against your tongue. I liked the Dark Raspberry Pop best, but the other flavors were all wonderful too. As far as which one you should try first… what do you like? Spicy? Fruit? Straight-up chocolate? Go with the thing that sounds best!



All but two of their chocolate bars are vegan-friendly, so you can log on and choose from”Funky Bars” in Dark Raspberry Pop, Dark Ancho Chili, Dark Cherry N’ Almond, Dark Island with coconut, pineapple and macadamia nut, and Decadent Dark. Sibu Sura also offers other chocolaty goodies, such as Cocoa Nib Coffee, Cacao Nibs and chocolate by the block for home dessert projects.

Sibu Sura’s website lists several retailers around the country where you can find their products. You can also shop online, too. If you’re thinking ahead to the holidays, these would make wonderful gifts for co-workers, family and friends – anyone who truly appreciates high-end, sophisticated chocolates.