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Creature Comfort


There’s nothing like a cozy nap in the winter time. And who better to snuggle with than a zebra? Or, maybe a frog… Not real ones of course, but botanical-filled ones from Herbal Animals. These adorable critters are actually eye pillows, stuffed with organically grown herbs that have relaxing properties.

The weight of the animal massages accupressure points around your eyes and the fragrant herbs will coax you into a deep, healing sleep. This is serious relaxation, folks. We picked up two of them at the DC VegFest. We thought they would be sweet gifts for our niece and nephew, who are small children. Ahem… they never got them. The DH uses the frog. I use the zebra. We love them so much, we even take them on trips.


Abra K’ Zebra is filled with lavender.

Lavender, originally a Mediterranean shrub cultivated for its aromatic flowers, is one of the queens of herbs. It relieves nervous tension, headaches and insomnia.

Buddy Bullfrog (aka, the Prince) is filled with lavender and orange.

Orange is an evergreen tree which originated in Asia and is now commonly cultivated elsewhere. Orange is an antiseptic aromatic.


Different Herbal Animals have different herbs. The varieties include lavender, chamomile, peppermint, spearmint, orange, lemon balm, mugwort, passionflower, hops, rose, sweet annie and linden flower.  Each animal pillow is made with 100% certified organically grown herbs, seeds, and cotton. Each animal’s colors and herbal scent is unique.

There are lots of critters to choose from, too: turtles, bulls, cows, camels, panda, brown bears, puppies, kitties, elephants, otters, piggies, dolphins, deer, iguanas, seals, tigers, monkeys, bunnies, sheep, whales, stallions and penguins are all available to soothe you to sleep. There are also “nighties” for the eye pillows, which can be washed and keep your Herbal Animal free of eye-goop, as well as 2-foot long animal shoulder pillows.

Herbal Animals donates to Feed the Children, The Humane Society, and Save the Children. Basically, they help kids + animals lead happier lives. And help you get a good night’s sleep! Did we mention they’re also eco-friendly? In addition to using all organic materials, these cuddly sleep companions are made in the USA in a local company based in Bethesda, MD.  Their boxes are recyclable – and made with recycled board printed with soy ink. Their website offers other eco-goodies too, like jewelry made from upcycled telephone wire and records, as well as bags and wallets made from upcycled bicycle tires.
If you are between the ages of 3 and 103, or so, you will love an Herbal Animal. Ours are like part of the family now. Even our dog has been found cuddling with them! The cutie eye pillows are $18.00 each online and are certified Cruelty-free. Neck Pillows are $39.50. If you order a bunch, there’s free shipping on $90+ of merchandise. Sweet Dreams!