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Touchdown! Buffalo-Beyond Meat Pinwheels


It’s true, we’ve got the hook-up on Beyond Meat. And we intend to make good use of it. We’re starting the year off right, with some Buffalo Beyond Meat Pinwheels.

These little treats are ideal finger-food for watching football (or basketball… or hockey…) and are simple to make.  If you have kids, this is a super recipe for them to help with, too, as working with the Crescent dough and making hand rolls is really fun. Considering the entire thing is complete in about 20 minutes, it’s also good for those who want to eat, like, now.


If you’re ready to make this recipe, hop on over to the Sister Eden blog, where this is guest-posted as part of her Superbowl Party line-up.

And no matter where you are reading from, this ingredient list is doable. Cuz even Pillsbury makes vegan Crescent roll dough! Check it on Sister Eden.