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Sweeties: Haute & High Class Chocolates


Is your Valentine really classy? We’re talking uptown, chic, high-end, all her purses come from Susan Nichole type gal or a guy who wears only tailored shirts and has a collection of Etsy cufflinks made from vintage coins. You know who we mean.

Guess what: we’ve got the perfect vegan chocolate for the glam. It’s called Vosages and even as I type the brand name, I feel a little weak in the knees. Vosages is the chocolate of queens and kings, in our opinions. It is exotic, luxurious and absolutely decadent.

And Vosages has a page devoted to vegan chocolates & bars. Yes, there is a truffle collection. It is mouth-watering.

vosages_lrThis brand of chocolate was introduced to us by our friend Emily. She showed up one day with a copy of their catalog. Talk about food porn. The photography is delectable. You may want to eat the pages it’s printed on. No joke. But we didn’t get to try these truffles for several years, till another friend, Brittany, presented them to us as a gift.  And yes, Vosages vegan truffles are ALL THAT.

Chocolate and coconut milk, agave nectar and dried fruit create two varieties of alluring, sensual truffles:

Coconut Vegan Truffle  100% dark chocolate ganache blended with organic agave nectar and organic coconut milk and rolled in organic coconut flakes

Açaí Vegan Truffle 100% cacao dark chocolate ganache blended with organic agave nectar, Brazilian açaí and organic coconut milk and rolled in pomegranate powder

There are six of each. And no matter how much you love your Valentine… the reality is that you may eat all these before he or she can even open the box.  Twelve truffle collection is $25.00 and available online from Vosages. Vegan bars are available online and at Whole Foods.

Oh – we got so wrapped up in the chocolates, we forgot to mention that Vosages is a green company, through and through! This woman-owned company is based in Chicago.Their eco-initiatives can be seen in their ingredient sourcing, energy use, packaging and employee facilities. Really, it’s just one more reason to love Vosages.

Share the love with Vosages elegant confections. And stay classy – very classy, in this case!